Cats as Library Patrons: Pros and Cons

Cats as library patrons

Since this is a Very Serious Book Blog and I am a Very Serious Librarian obviously, this is intended to be a Very Serious reflection on the pros and cons of having cats as library patrons instead of humans. Humans, as any librarian will tell you, come with their own set of problems that can range from vaguely annoying to downright scary. This librarian thinks there is definitely some merit to the idea of replacing human library patrons with cats, and hopefully the pros will outweigh the cons on this list and show you why…


  • Very cute
  • Quiet for the most part
  • Won’t ask if computers are down when signs saying computers are down are taped over the computers
  • Won’t yell at you about fines
  • So soft
  • Provide good company when library is understaffed
  • Will provide headbutts if you’re upset about another cat
  • Won’t get annoyed if you can’t give them more than five free printed pages
  • Snuggly




  • Litter box maintenance
  • No eating in the library
  • Will probably knock over books at some point
  • Might chew book corners
  • Could perhaps pee on books
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Books on my Amazon Wishlist

Probably one of my favorite gifts to receive is honestly an Amazon giftcard. I love Barnes & Noble and going shopping in a physical bookstore, but now that I’m financially independent and have to save more money, I’ve been turning to online book shopping a lot more, and Amazon often has better deals on physical copies of books than B&N does, honestly. There are a bunch of great books coming out between April and May that I really want and have been on my wishlist since foreeeeever, and today I’m going to share some that I’d really like to preorder:


A Court of Frost & Starlight – Sarah J. Maas

To be fair, I haven’t even read the most recently published book in the series, ACOWAR, yet, and am currently in the process of rereading the second book, ACOMAF. I honestly probably won’t even be done with ACOWAR by the time this book is released, but I know I’m going to read it and will thus be in want of the fourth book as soon as book 3 is complete. It’ll be so nice that I won’t have to wait a year or more in between book releases this time since I procrastinated so much on this series. I love, love, love this series and am so looking forward to rereading the romance bloom between Feyre and Rhysand, my ultimate OTP even though Rhysand is my one true book boyfriend.


Legendary – Stephanie Garber

I almost decided to wait with this one because I’m getting an ARC of it soon, but I decided that I really want to have a full Caraval collection. My ARCs and FCs will all look so pretty together on my newly organized bookshelves, which now highlight my collections. I am so stoked for another book from the Caraval world even though I loved the first book as a standalone because it was just so magically fabulous.


Leah on the Offbeat – Becky Albertalli

Honestly, I don’t remember Leah’s character at all from Simon, but I don’t care because she’s BISEXUAL and FAT and a MUSICIAN!! I’ve never seen myself so closely represented in a book and I’m so thrilled that Becky Albertalli is the author to give me that chance. I was a little disappointed with The Upside of Unrequited, but I am confident that I will adore Leah’s story.


The Way You Make Me Feel – Maurene Goo

This one is one I’m still debating whether I should buy or not since I do have an eARC. For some reason, TWYMMF is the full list price on both B&N and Amazon, which makes me a little hesitant to buy it right now because I have other books I want just as much that I don’t have the option of reading any other way. If it’s as amazing as I Believe in a Thing Called Love, I’ll definitely be buying it eventually when I have money to spare, but for now it’s still up in the air. However, I don’t see how a book about a girl who does pranks and has to work on a Korean food truck could be anything but good, so I have a feeling this one will make it to my shelves eventually.

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The post in which I am struggling // what am I even doing

Apologies for the somewhat depressing nature of this post, but I need a place to vent and express my thoughts, and this blog is it. Ironically though, the blog is one of the things I need to vent about. I know I’m only a couple weeks into blogging again, but I’m already starting to feel my old frustrations. I’m getting more comments and likes more frequently than I did on my other blogs, but I’m still not getting views. Again, I know I just started so nobody knows about me just yet, but I’m just very frustrated because I feel like I do all the right things in terms of blogging, yet I’ve never ever been a “successful” or “celebrity” book blogger.

I don’t even know if celebrity bloggers are really a thing anymore in the book blogging community because most of the original ones have quit or changed their blogging focus, so it’s just a bunch of smaller bloggers in general. Still, it’s hard when you feel like you’re putting in your work and doing your time and never ever seeming to get anywhere. It just makes me wonder if there’s really a point to blogging even though I like doing it.

I’m also questioning if it’s worth blogging because of blogging’s new place in the book world. It seems like book Twitter, bookstagram, and BookTube are all becoming much more important players in the book promotion world than book blogging, but the only one of those that really interests me is bookstagram (P. S., I have a bookstagram account @awordandawhisper! follow me for pretty book pics!). I’m enjoying bookstagram a little more than blogging because I get the validation of people liking and following me. I can also write tiny blurbs about books I post, and it’s less pressure writing-wise.

Additionally, it seems like there’s a particular style of blog writing going around that I just don’t think I can do. A lot of blogs I follow now have styles very similar to Paper Fury, whose blog I love and want to be best friends with. However, that style is so particular and also just not my personal style. I worry though that my style of writing traditional types of posts isn’t engaging or interesting enough, but it’s how I want to write. Still, I feel like my writing style puts me at a disadvantage and could be contributing to why I never seem to go anywhere with blogging.

Still, I like having a place where I can write about books or my life or creative things when I finally get around to doing them. Blogging is a great outlet for me and I really do enjoy it. I feel like I have so few things in my life right now outside of work that I make time for that I really have fun doing. I’m not really doing anything creative at all at the moment, and it’s starting to really drain me emotionally. I want to do more creative things because they make me feel good, but I’m always so tired and drained after work. I’m really struggling with feeling inadequate as a creative person, scared of taking the plunge and writing or playing music and being creative again, and finding the time and motivation to do things I like. However, not putting in the time to be creative is making me feel very down most of the time, so I need to find a solution for myself.

I really don’t know what to do about blogging. I really want to be part of the book social media community somehow, but don’t know where I fit in anymore. I like experimenting with bookstagram, but I have limited physical copies and am worried I’ll run out of things to post eventually. I’ve tried booktube but hate looking at myself speaking and don’t have the skills for it, and personally I prefer reading posts at my own pace to watching videos, so why would I do something I don’t even personally like? I still love blogging and it has a special place in my heart; I’m simply questioning whether it’s worth it to keep doing it and if I have a place in the community and if blogging itself has a place.

Thanks for reading,

your friendly neighborhood discouraged book blogger

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Fantasies I Want to Reread

Fantasies I want to reread

I am not a big rereader. In fact, I can only think of a single book I reread that wasn’t part of a series (I tend to only reread series books because I forget the last book before the next one comes out), and that was Elie Weisel’s Night, which I had to read three times for classes. Let me tell you, that is not a book you really want to reread.

I don’t reread because I’m afraid of a book not being as good as the first time I read it. I recently found this to be true when I started rereading the Shatter Me series because I’d forgotten too much of it to read the newest book, Restore Me. As I read the series, I couldn’t help but notice how flawed things were, from the writing to the world building to Juliette as a character. I did not like these books as much as the first time, and probably would have given them all three stars had I read them as an adult. I was really disappointed that my fears of rereading came true, and am now very wary of rereading books I first read during my teen years, because I don’t want the magic of them to disappear like it did for me with the Shatter Me books. I still love Tahereh Mafi and think she grew as a writer with each new installment to the trilogy, but I have to say that I found the whole rereading experience lackluster.


However, there are some fantasy books I read recently that I really want to read again. To be fair, three out of the four are part of a series, which is the reason for my rereading. The one that inspired this post is ACOMAF, which I felt the need to start rereading recently after trying to start ACOWAR and being completely lost even in just the first chapter. I didn’t remember pretty much anything they were talking about, and I couldn’t situate myself in the story enough to keep reading, so reread of a 600+ page book it is.

I also really want to reread Caraval before Legendary comes out. Caraval really lived up to the extreme hype for me, which is unusual, and instantly became a new favorite book. But, I was expecting it to only be one book, so I didn’t bother storing away what happened at the end or anything useful that could help me understand the new book. I don’t remember the deal Tella made, which is the whole plot of book 2, so I need to update myself on that in order to fully enjoy the magic that will be Legendary.

I think I probably remember enough of A Torch Against the Night to read A Reaper At the Gates when it comes out in June, but I’m a little worried I’ll be lost again, because I didn’t feel like I fully understood what happened in the book. Sometimes it actually does help me to reread fantasies, because they are so involved and intellectual.

I am definitely rereading The Hazel Wood at some point, which became a favorite book of 2018 even though I read it in 2017, because it is just. so. good. The Hazel Wood is a book full of beautiful, gorgeous writing and a dark, intriguing story, and I would just love to immerse myself in that world again. I also read it as an eARC, so I’d like to experience it in the final printed version as well, as it was intended to be read. Also, if anyone wants to get me a present, the OwlCrate green special edition of this book is at the tippity-top of my wishlist!! (Just sayin’)

What is your experience with rereads? Are you a rereader? What are some books that your opinions changed on the second time around?

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The Debate: Camp NaNo or no Camp NaNo?

Garricson's necktie sale!

The first time I really committed to a NaNoWriMo-related event was the spring of 2016. I had wanted to do real NaNo for many years, but always chickened out at the last minute (okay, maybe way before the last minute). However, when I decided to do Camp NaNo two years ago, I actually made my goal. I committed to writing 25,000 words (half of the regular NaNo goal) and ended up slightly exceeding it and getting a good chunk of that novel drafted. I eventually had to table it because I couldn’t figure out where it was going, but it was a really positive writing experience for me and helped me prove to myself that I can be a writer if I set my mind to it.

Unfortunately, I have a REALLY hard time motivating myself to write outside of events like NaNo. I psych myself out too easily and too much when I’m not working toward a conscious goal with an actual deadline, so I don’t even bother trying to put words on the page. Most of the time I have ideas I could put into words, but getting them on the page is a struggle I most often lose.

I’ve been sitting on two novel ideas for a year or two though, and since Camp NaNoWriMo is coming up next month in April, I’m debating whether I should participate in the challenge again to get them going. One is the novel I shelved, which for some reason I’ve been vaguely interested in again. Another is the queer bookish novel I started for actual NaNo last November, which started out as a tragic queer novel but kept telling me it wanted to be a fluffy romantic queer novel, so I stopped writing it while I tried to figure out how to make it the story it wanted to be, but stopped writing for so long I lost momentum and the drive to keep going with it.


There are many pros and cons of the prospect of doing Camp NaNoWriMo this April, since my life is in a completely new and different place than it was both of the previous times I have participated in NaNo events. The following is a list of the pros and cons of my Camp NaNo participation that will, ideally, help me decide whether or not to commit to participating in it again this year:


  • I can set my own goal, be it 500 words/day, 25,000 words total, or even less…I can make it as manageable as I want in order to fit my work schedule and current lifestyle
  • It doesn’t even have to be a novel–for Camp, you can write anything! I’ve also been really wanting to get back into poetry, and would love to write my own poetry collection, which could be a good goal for Camp
  • It would be a good way to revise something I’ve already started on, so I wouldn’t feel terrified by starting from scratch. I could edit the novel I started two years ago, or rewrite what I started in November, but the point is: I don’t have to begin a completely new project
  • It could help me get motivated to write again. I REALLY want to have a novel written this year. I’ve been wanting to write at least two for a while now, but like I said above, I am TERRIBLE at motivating myself to write on a regular basis
  • I could even start something new, if I really wanted, that I’m passionate enough about to continue writing after the month is over
  • It would be a chance to utilize Scrivener, which I bought last year because I thought using it would help motivate me to write more…which it has not. But there’s still time
  • I’d have more to blog about. Honestly, I am struggling a bit with coming up with post topics since I don’t really want to write traditional reviews on this blog. I also really liked writing about my writing process during NaNoWriMo last year on my old blog, and would love to do that again on this one



  • I really, REALLY don’t know how I’m going to make time for it. I’m still not totally used to my full-time work schedule, and when I get home I’m always super tired and basically eat dinner and go to bed, which leaves little writing time
  • I’m not super passionate about the two novels because I feel like I don’t know how to write them or where they’re going, and I’m bad at just pantsing while writing and writing without ideas
  • Depending on what goal I set for myself, it could end up just becoming another thing to stress about, of which I have PLENTY. As if moving, starting a new job, getting kittens, and trying to make my new apartment feel like a home isn’t enough, now I want to throw writing with a deadline into the mix? idk how I feel about that


To be honest, at the beginning of writing this post, I was fairly certain I was going to decide to not do Camp NaNoWriMo this year because I thought I’d have way more cons than pros. However, it seems that the opposite happened and I definitely have more reasons to do Camp than to not do Camp. I still have no idea what project (or projects? if I want to be crazy?) I want to work on, but I still have a week to decide. It turns out that writing this list of pros and cons for this post did help me decide whether I should do Camp or not, since I knew I wanted to do it, just not if I should or if it would be a good idea. Hopefully I will have a better idea of the project I want to do before April 1st, but even if I don’t, I still think I might just go for it…

Are you doing Camp NaNoWriMo? What are you working on? Have you participated in NaNo events in the past?

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Top Ten Tuesday // Spring TBR

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly feature now hosted by Jana at That Artsy Reader Girl.

I didn’t think I’d be doing TTT again on this blog because for some reason I always used to feel a weird pressure about it, but I just can’t resist the TTT seasonal TBR posts, so here we are, and here are my most anticipated books of spring, minus a few that I’ve already written about on the blog. Special shout-out to I Have Lost My Way, Undead Girl Gang, and The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik because I’m psyched for them but wrote about them already.


1. Here So Far Away – Hadley Dyer – Admittedly, I wasn’t excited about this book until recently, but for some reason, I have decided I really want to read it. It’s about a teen girl who falls for a much older guy. I’m really curious as to how that is handled, and hope I won’t be super creeped out and uncomfortable while reading.

2. The Wicked Deep – Shea Earnshaw – I am all for witchy books, so obviously this book is going on the list. I also love weird small town books, and this book definitely fits that bill, too. Curses and mysteries will certainly run wild in this book, and I am very excited to finally dig into it.



3. The Summer of Jordi Perez – Amy Spalding – I haven’t read any of her other books, but the moment this book deal was announced on PW, I knew I had to have it and that it will be a favorite of the year (don’t let me down now, book!). It features a fat MC who is also gay and into fashion; what could possibly top that??


4. 9 Days and 9 Nights – Katie Cotugno – 99 Days was one of my favorite books the year it came out, and I was beyond thrilled to learn it was going to have a sequel, even though I don’t do sequels or series. I really hope this book lives up to my super high expectations!

5. From Twinkle, With Love – Sandhya Menon – I know I said I wasn’t going to do any repeats on this list, but I just HAVE to include Twinkle because Sandhya Menon is a goddess and this book just sounds So. Good. Yay filmmaker romances!!!

6. Legendary – Stephanie Garber – I adored Caraval much more than I thought I would after being swept up by the hype last year. It was so magical and romantic with such sumptuous and beautiful writing that it was impossible for it not to become an instant favorite. I’m a little nervous about reading this book because I don’t remember what happened at the end of the first one (ugh, series amnesia), but maybe that calls for a Caraval reread?? I loved Scarlet but Tella was a really interesting character, so I am excited and eager to read a book from Tella’s perspective.

7. The Way You Make Me Feel – Maureen Goo – I LOVED I Believe In A Thing Called Love last year, and can’t wait to buy this one and put it on my shelves after a quick devouring. This one is about a prankster who gets into trouble when a joke goes to far and is forced to work on her father’s food truck. Any book with the words “food truck” in the synopsis will immediately go on my TBR list, and after her second book, I really don’t think I can miss another Goo book. 

8. Love & Other Carnivorous Plants – Florence Gonsalves – I’ve been anticipating this one since the book deal was announced as well. It’s technically New Adult, which is exciting, since there aren’t a ton of YA books set in college. I don’t honestly remember what this one was about, but I remember it struck me as super edgy and unique, plus queer!! Give me all the queer books, please!

9. All of This is True – Lygia Day Penaflor – This book is about a group of teens who befriends their favorite YA author, only to find all their secrets laid out in her next book. It’s also told unconventionally, and I love a book with a unique format. Hopefully it translates well as an eARC.

10. apparently I only picked 9 books for this list, and it’s early and I’m too tired to find another one, even though I’m sure there are more. However, another book from March I’m interested in is Chaotic Good, about a girl who is into cosplay but goes undercover as a guy to try to get into the nerd community, but falls for someone. Nerdiness and romance? Oui, please!!

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Poetry Likes & Dislikes

Poetry Likes & Dislikes

I have always enjoyed poetry, but until last year only really read it when it was required in an academic setting. Then, I started reading it more for fun on my own when I started dating my boyfriend, because poetry is the only genre we can agree upon. He likes very high-brow literary fiction while I pretty much only read YA, so it’s hard to recommend books to each other that we actually like. We’ve checked out a couple poetry collections and read them together, and I enjoyed reigniting my interest in poetry so much that I’ve continued to find more poetry collections to read without him.

For today’s post, I’m going to be sharing some of the things I like in poetry, as well as other things that turn me off to it.

Poetry Likes

  • Stream of consciousness style poems that seem like a jumble of words but are actually arranged prettily 
  • Short poems. I love short poetry because I like when writers fit so much emotion into a few tiny lines.
  • Poetry accompanied by illustrations. This is one of the things I like about Rupi Kaur’s poetry collections. I like that her imagery is so stark and simple yet amplifies her poetry so much.
  • Activist poetry. This is why I like Rupi Kaur and Amanda Lovelace. Activism, to me, isn’t just about world-wide issues, but about issues relating to the self, like self-love and self-care. 


Poetry Dislikes

  • Too preachy. Some of the poems in Kaur’s collections are really, REALLY beating you over the head with the message. Usually, when I feel like a poem is beating me over the head with its message, it’s something that maybe mainstream people might not know, but I know because I’m a feminist and also majored in women’s studies, so maybe for some people the really overtly feminist-y poems are revolutionary. For me they just end up being boring and basic.
  • Poems with really long lines and no breaks. I find it harder to find rhythm or something to hold onto when a poem is really long and the lines are really long and there are no stanzas. I look at it and my brain immediately freaks out for some reason.
  • Rhyming poetry. This is why I didn’t like Lang Leav’s poetry. It read as really juvenile to me. I also read Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell recently, and even some of her prose poems rhymed and it just made me roll my eyes.
  • Love poems. Okay, so this only happens when it’s a bunch of love poems right after the other in one collection, like in Pillow Thoughts. After a while I’m like, okay, you’re heartbroken or whatever; just get over it and write about something more interesting that hasn’t been done a million times.


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Books I’ve Gotten Lately That I’m Excited About


One of the nice perks about being a librarian with a degree and a job is being able to request books from publishers that I can’t get on NetGalley or Edelweiss and having publishers actually say yes to my requests! That never happened when I was just a blogger, and it’s really nice to be able to read things that I might be getting for the library so I can actually talk about them with teens who might check them out, because I live for booktalking things. Plus, what book lover doesn’t love book mail?

Today I want to share some of the books I’ve gotten recently that I’m extra excited for.


– Undead Girl Gang – Lily Anderson

Apparently Kirkus said they wished this book wasn’t Wiccan and I was like, um…did you READ the summary before you read this book? Also, why?


Even if this book didn’t have a cool-sounding plot, I probably would’ve requested it just because of the dope title and that adorable cover. But, this book also sounds great: it’s a murder mystery, with witchcraft that brings the murdered girls back to life to find out who killed them. It seems like the ultimate girl power, spoopy, fun, kinda dark read that I’m just dying to get to (no pun intended).

– I Have Lost My Way – Gayle Forman

I lovelovelove the If I Stay books, but haven’t really liked anything she’s published since Just One Day, which underwhelmed me, and I Was Here, which was too depressing even for me. I am very hopeful about this book though, which marks Forman’s return to YA after her adult release from a few years ago, Leave Me, and has multiple POVs, which I tend to like. Plus, holding a Gayle Forman ARC in my hands is basically the equivalent of a religious experience for me. I just…omg, I cannot.

– The Strange Fascinations of Noah Hypnotik – David Arnold

I admittedly never read Mosquitoland, but I am very excited to get my first David Arnold experience in with Strange Fascinations. This book looks and sounds perfectly wacky, so I’m expecting a lot from it. From what I can gather from the extremely vague Goodreads summary, Noah gets hypnotized and starts seeing weird stuff in all the people around him. I am definitely in the mood for something strange, and if any of what I just said is an indication, I will be getting my fill from this odd book.


– Emergency Contact – Mary H. K. Choi

This one was pitched to me after I sent in a request to Simon & Schuster for some other books. I had seen it floating around on the social medias, so I said yes to it, but it actually looks pretty interesting. I think YA books with characters in college are definitely important books to have around, and this one sounds right up my alley because awkward college people interactions and one of the protagonists is going to school to become a writer. Hopefully this one will exceed expectations and be something I enjoy!

– Save the Date – Morgan Matson

I am very embarrassed to say that I have yet to read a Morgan Matson book. I am a big contemporary fan, and Morgan Matson seems like one of the queens of contemporary. I’ve had two of her other books, Since You’ve Been Gone and The Unexpected Everything on my shelves for a looooong time, but somehow I still haven’t gotten around to them. When I heard this book was about a wedding though, I had to have it because I immediately comped it to Sarah Dessen’s Once and for All, but perhaps on the lighter/more fun side of things, and of course it’s going to be romantic and entertaining and quirky. I have high, high hopes for this book, so I hope Matson is as good as everyone says she is!

– From Twinkle, With Love – Sandhya Menon

Can I even tell you in human words in any language how excited and thrilled I am to be able to hold a copy of Menon’s sophomore novel in my hands? No, probably not. I LOVED When Dimple Met Rishi last year; it was seriously one of my favorite books of the entire year. It was so romantic, fun, and unique that it became an instant love, and I was beyond joyous when this book was announced. I loved Dimple, but I’m positive I’m going to love Twinkle even more because she’s into film and I am all about artsy YA characters. Oh, and it’s an epistolary novel (told in letters), which I just discovered while writing this post, which I am ALL ABOUT. This book is going to be perfection, period. End of story. No arguments. Done.


– Grim Lovelies – Megan Shepherd

Do I know exactly what this book is about? Honestly, no. Do I still NEED to read it? Absolutely! I have been dying for a new Megan Shepherd book since the Madman’s Daughter trilogy, and haven’t gotten one I’ve been excited for yet because I had to wait through the dystopian trilogy, which didn’t appeal to me at all, and the middle grade novel. Finally, FINALLY at long, long last, my wish has been granted, and we have been gifted a fantasy novel from this great author. I cannot even imagine how good Megan Shepherd will be at writing fantasy, and I can’t wait to dig into this book.

– Isle of Blood and Stone – Makiia Lucier

I’m a bit nervous about this one now, as I’ve read two negative reviews of it recently. Still, I’m going to give it a shot, because it has KIDNAPPED PRINCES and MYSTERIOUS MAPS and EXPLORING. Besides that, I’ve been super into fantasies lately, and I must fill my lust for magical and fantastical things.

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Blogging Fears // ft. throwing your arms across your eyes and screaming

Blogging Fears

I’m blogging again, yay me! Over the past couple of years, I’ve really struggled with blogging; I’ve switched sites a bunch of times, changed the name of the blogs a million more, quit a lot and started up again. This time I really hope I’m in it for another long haul (the longest I’ve blogged consistently is 5 years), but I have a lot of fears and worries about blogging again, so I’ve decided to purge them by sharing them with you in this post.

  1. Freaking out over stats. I wrote in my first post how I quit the last few times because I got really, REALLY low stats. Actually, I’m not sure how low they are compared to other bloggers because people don’t often just throw their stats out there unless they’re a celebrity blogger (yes, I think those are still somewhat of a thing, though most have quit), but I imagine I’m on the really pathetically low end of things for the most part. I really don’t want to be bogged down by my fear of stats this time around because I know I should be blogging just because I like to. But stats are important to me because they’re validating and I want people to read what I write! It’s all well and good to say “blog because you love it,” but you also blog because you want people to see it! I just am very worried about letting my fears about stats overtake me again and prevent me from doing something I love doing.
  2. Maybe my blogging time is just up. Since I have been so on and off with blogging lately, I’ve wondered if maybe it’s just time to throw in the towel and quit altogether. However, I really don’t think most of the time that I’m ready for that. Blogging has been a part of my bookish identity for so long and I always miss it when I’m not doing it, so I think I still have some left in me.
  3. Book blogging is irrelevant. There have been a smattering of discussions about this lately from various people, and I have to say I definitely have this fear as well. I’m not really sure where book bloggers fit in with book twitter, booktubers, and bookstagrammers anymore. booktube and bookstagram in particular are really taking off now, which freaks me out because I am not a very visually inclined person, even though I do have interest in experimenting with photography. But, most of the original celebrity bloggers have quit, and I’m having trouble finding new, exciting people who don’t just mimic the styles of other famous blogs. And, if book blogging is irrelevant, what is the point of doing it even if I love it?
  4. I’m really not that great a blogger, and my voice isn’t interesting enough. I’ve always considered writing to be one of my strong suits, and personally I really like what I post and think it fits in well with the blogging community. Still, I worry that my style isn’t super fun or engaging enough or young enough because I do like a somewhat more formal style. I do have a sense of humor and sassiness for sure, but I often worry that my posts don’t have as much character as other bloggers, and maybe that’s what makes my blog stay so tiny and unknown.

I know this is kind of a downer of a post, but I’m hoping that maybe I’m not the only blogger with these fears? I used to be a lot more confident about my blogging before I quit for the first time in 2016, but after that, I started letting my doubts consume me, and honestly, they still kind of do. If anyone has any tips on how they fight their fears about blogging, please let me know in the comments, because I could really use them!

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