June TBR

It’s almost June! Woohoo! Summer is nigh, which I’m actually not to excited about, to be honest, because I do not like the heat and that is basically what summer is: a hot, melty mess. I’m already upset at the heat because some new makeup that I just bought melted and now it’s a weird consistency that won’t return to normal and…anyway, enough ranting. Summer is always a magical time in YA books, and June begins the onslaught of new summer releases!

Here are some June Books I’m excited about:

  • Save the Date | Morgan Matson – I’m ashamed to admit this as a contemp lover, but I have yet to read a Morgan Matson book. I’ve wanted to because they look fun, but they are also large and that intimidates me. This one might be my first try though, because it has wedding prep and family drama and I’m guessing a romance? What could go wrong here?
  • Summer of Salt¬†| Katrina Leno – I haven’t gotten through a Katrina Leno book yet, but this one might be it. This one is about a magical family of women who live on a mysterious island and a tragedy. Plus, it’s LGBT!!
  • Invisible Ghosts | Robyn Schneider – I liked Robin Schneider’s second book, EXTRAORDINARY MEANS, so I’ll probably get to this one. It’s about ghosts and friendships and stuff, so it’ll probably be good.
  • A REAPER AT THE GATES | SABAA TAHIR – THIS BOOK DESERVES TO BE TALKED ABOUT ALL IN CAPS FOREVER!!! I AM SO PSYCHED AND NERVOUS FOR MY PREORDER OF THIS BOOK!!! I NEED MORE HELENE!! I’m hoping I won’t need to reread TORCH before I read this, but I might anyway just because I liked it ūüôā
  • My Plain Jane | Cynthia Hand & Brodi Ashton & Jodi Meadows – I didn’t read¬†MY LADY JANE because I’m not usually into historical, but this book is based on JANE EYRE, so I might try it out.
  • A THOUSAND PERFECT NOTES | C. G. DREWS – THIS BOOK ALSO DESERVES TO BE SCREAMED ABOUT IN ALL CAPS. But I will resist. I have followed Paper Fury and Cait since before she was Paper Fury. I’m not usually one who seeks out abuse stories, but I am very curious about her writing since she blogs about it all the time, and am excited to get my pre-order from Book Depository, and grateful that it exists so U. S. people like me can get this book even though it’s not being pub’ed here.


I’ll probably read some ARCs of books coming out later in the year that I have, too. I am kind of in the mood for GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE, which has apparently had its release date moved because it was being pub’ed on the same day as a Sarah J. Maas book, which strikes me as ridiculous, like, she really doesn’t need to be the only book published that day in order to sell, but whatever. I also want to read FINDING YVONNE, about a violinist who gets pregnant, which I think might already be out. I’m also excited for NOT EVEN BONES, which has a terrible cover but sounds exciting and is about a girl who sells the parts of monsters on the black market, but is then betrayed herself when she refuses to dissect a living subject.

Basically, there are a lot of good books coming out and I must read ALL OF THEM!!! And, if my reading pace keeps up, I probably will get to read at least many of them. So that is good.

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May 2018: so! many! books! and a hospital trip…

Phew, May went by really fast, and I am quite glad it is over, though most of the things that happened that were not so great in May will carry over into June because I have health problems now! Ummmmm yeah, so I finally got in to see a doctor a couple weeks ago about the fact that I’m often very nauseous for no apparent reason, which turned out to be good because my heart rate has been really high lately, and I apparently have a heart condition that makes it beat super fast called sinus tachychardia, which fortunately you cannot die from. However, they can’t do anything about it yet like meds to slow my heart rate because I had heart surgery as a baby and they have to make sure it’s not a physical problem.

Last week though, I ended up in the ER because I felt like I was going to pass out. The doctors there thought it is probably anxiety related (so you can’t die from stress and anxiety but you can get health problems, apparently), which is not great. My anxiety has been admittedly very very high lately and I’m anxious most if not all of the time, but on the bright side, at least I wasn’t depressed this month?

On a happier note, one of my best friends adopted a CAT and I can’t wait to meet her. She is small and orange and purrs frequently, according to aforementioned friend, and currently has no name. I have secretly always wanted an orange kitty, though to be honest I couldn’t have asked for better kittens than my kittens. I am so much less stressed about the kittens than I have been since I first got them, and I fully love them now and love coming home and having Cedar nuzzle the crap out of me because he missed me while I was at work.


What I Read

I don’t know what happened this month but I read…12 books?!?! Or at least 12 at the time of writing this post. It’ll probably be 13 by the time it is published. Anyway. I guess I kinda know what happened; I participated in Bout of Books again, which always encourages me to read more, and then my reading pace just flew up from there. I am very pleased about this because I haven’t been reading this much since graduating college 2 years ago and I am very happy about it.

The most disappointing book this month for me was FROM TWINKLE, WITH LOVE, for all the reasons laid out in this post. There were a lot of highlights though, especially THE BRIGHTSIDERS, which was pure queer YA magic. I also ended up loving LEGENDARY even though I wasn’t sure about it at first, and I just finished WHEN MY HEART JOINS THE THOUSAND, which had such a unique, strong voice and was excellent.

I also started in on the Spring Fling Read-A-Thon and have read a few books for that as well. It’s going until June 15th, so I still have time to get in some more books for it.



Blogging Things

The post I enjoyed writing the most was my post about how I’m blogging differently on this blog than on former blogs. My stats are still really low because I am really new (it’s only my second full month!) but they seem a little down from a couple weeks ago. I’m still getting very consistent likes and comments, and really enjoy responding to them! I also blogged about writing more, which I hope will motivate me to soon start writing again, or at least write a little at least one time. Small steps here.



  1. My essential oil diffuser. To be fair, I’ve only used it twice, but I do really like it! It was recommended that I try aromatherapy, and I did find the lavender mist very relaxing.
  2. Tanmit dual-tip markers. I’ve been using these for a while for bullet-journaling, but I recently got a 60-pack because I wanted more variety in colors. I love having the ability to make my journal even prettier, plus they don’t bleed through the pages.
  3. Masterchef.¬†I’m done with the most recent seasons of Top Model, Project Runway, and related spin-offs, so I’ve tried to satiate my need for mindless reality shows with this cooking show. I think I actually like it better than Top Chef because the judges are more interesting (I mean who can beat Gordon Ramsey?) I’m currently very invested in season 2 and will be quite put out if the jerk of the season wins (even though he is kind of good, though not as good as his arrogance would have you believe).


May Goals: Recap

In May, I wanted to…

  • Read 4 books¬†¬† ¬†!¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†I did this! Three times over, to be exact!!
  • Write at least once¬† ¬† ¬† X¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† I did not do this. But maybe I’m getting there?
  • Work out at least once a week¬† ¬† !¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Based on what I consider working out, I did this, too!
  • Research recording software¬† ¬† ¬†X¬† ¬† ¬† Did not do this; lost interest
  • Continue experimenting with Instagram¬†¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† X¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†honestly I’m…not sure if I’m so interested in bookstagram anymore. I don’t think I have enough physical copies to do it or photo skills or props or anything else.
  • Not be sad or jealous during BookExpo¬† ¬† ¬† !¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† Technically as I’m writing this post this has not passed yet, but I think I’m mostly over the BEA hype. The thought of travelling to NYC is stressful just by itself for me at the moment.


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should i outline my novel and possibly scream

Last week I wrote about why I haven’t been writing. I also did the rising author tag, even though I’d hardly call myself a rising author at this point given that I haven’t worked on a WIP since last NaNoWriMo. Still, it was somewhat motivational, and I at least emailed myself my last WIP so I can perhaps work on it when the library is slow. I’m feeling a little more motivated to write, but also a little uncertain of how to proceed. I still feel like I need to read Elizabeth Gilbert’s BIG MAGIC to really motivate myself and help myself deal with creativity fears, and also perhaps make an outline of my novel to help it along. So, I think it’s time to go through some of the pros and cons of making an outline before I dive back into my WIP…


  • Increased confidence going in. One of the reasons I always stop at about 25,000 words is because I get serious creative blockage. I tend to lose where the story is going around then, and I can’t figure out where to go and it gets hard to sit down and write when I don’t know WHAT to write. I think having an outline of what’s going to happen in the story could help alleviate some of those worries.
  • Better draft. So far, the two drafts I have are super messy, because I keep changing the character goals throughout the writing process because I need to move the story along. If I have an outline, I’ll know what the character goals are going in, and maybe it won’t be so hard to edit or have people read when I want that.
  • Help with writer’s block. If I have actual writer’s block and have no clue what to write, the outline will help guide me. I can pick and choose scenes to work on even out of order, and work on what I feel most confident writing about in the moment that I’m writing.



  • It’s just another thing to wait for. Writing an outline will obviously take time, and take time away from what could be actual time spent writing. It’s yet another way I might be waiting for perfect conditions, in this case, knowing exactly where the story will go before I start.
  • I really have no idea where I want the story to go still. I keep waiting to figure out where I want this story to go and how it will end and what the characters want and if they’ll get those things, but nothing comes. Sometimes it does help to just write even when you have no idea where the story is headed, and in that case I wouldn’t really need an outline.


Ultimately, I’m still just not sure whether I’m a pantser or a plotter. I’ve pantsed two half-novels thus far, and it kind of worked for the first one, but didn’t really go that well for Queer Bookish Novel. I think I need to ruminate on that one more, but I’m worried that it’s just another way that I’m avoiding writing. I just want to work on Queer Bookish Novel in some way, and maybe I can count things like outlining and reading BIG MAGIC for creative inspiration and affirmation as working on the novel. Hopefully, doing those things will eventually lead to actually writing the novel. Plus, there’s nothing that says I can’t write and outline at the same time. I guess I just have to find something that works for me, and realize that “working on the novel” can mean more things than sitting down and writing until I’m ready to write again. I have to get over my fears and doubts first, so small steps that work towards the ultimate goal of Writing the Novel might be a good place to start.

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queer magic // the brightsiders

Today I’m going to be talking about a few things I loved about the queerest book I’ve ever laid my greedy queer hands upon, Jen Wilde’s THE BRIGHTSIDERS. There are so, so many things to love about this book. It’s about Emmy, the drummer for her band The Brightsiders, a bisexual girl who hasn’t come out to her fans yet. She’s been in the spotlight a lot lately at the start of the book because of her bad habits, including drinking and being a general mess. THE BRIGHTSIDERS deals with other topics too, like toxic relationships from romantic ones to toxic parents, romance, and generally being very, very queer. Without further ado, here are three things I loved most about this fantastic book:

  • Teen rockstar book with a twist. I’ve read my fair share of celebrity YA books, but they tend to run on the fluffier side of things. THE BRIGHTSIDERS has some fluff, but also has a dark, gritty side. This includes Emmy’s aforementioned drinking problems, as well as her relationship with her super toxic parents, which effects even the people around her as the book goes on. The queerness is also part of the twist, though definitely not used for that purpose, and helps make this a very unique teen rockstar story.
  • Amazing queer rep. It’s been a long, LONG time since I read a book with such great queer representation. Emmy is bisexual, one of her bandmates is masculine pronoun nonbinary, another friend is femme nonbinary, and another later comes out as bisexual. It also includes intersectionality since some of the queer characters are also black, which doesn’t play into the story a ton, but comes up and is dealt with with finesse. I was super stoked that one of the characters is pansexual nonbinary, because I’ve never seen myself so fully represented in a book. Honestly, all the discussion of various queer identities made me want to cry because it was so perfect and spot-on, though without being preachy or unnatural to the story.
  • The relationships. There are many complex relationships in THE BRIGHTSIDERS, from romantic ones to friendships to Emmy’s parents, who are extremely awful and seriously do not deserve the time of day from her. I liked how every relationship had so many layers, and you could see why Emmy wanted some of them, even the toxic ones. I also thought it was great how the author explored the toxicity of some of Emmy’s relationships, including a discussion of gaslighting, which I haven’t seen in a YA book before. I also LOVED the friendships, and loved seeing a group of queer friends, because it is so true that queer people tend to travel in packs.


All in all, this book was simply magical and amazing. It was very unique, diverse, and dealt with a lot of really important issues in a genuine, natural way that can sometimes be hard to achieve. I adored Emmy and all of her friends and bandmates, completely shipped the romance, and thought it was just a perfect book. I have already started recommending this book to everyone I know, and I will continue to do so because this book deserves so. Much. Hype. All the hype should go to THE BRIGHTSIDERS this year, and if you haven’t read it yet, GET ON IT!!

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Spring Fling Read-A-Thon Progress

It’s about a week into the Spring Fling Read-A-Thon, which runs from May 15-June 15. I lovelovelove read-a-thons, and I’m hoping to use this one to knock a few books off my TBR list that I’ve been meaning to read for a while. Today, since it’s Friday and a typically low-view day, I am going to share my progress on the read-a-thon so far…

Flower Power – a book covered in flowers


This book was so meh it inspired me to write an entire post about how terrible meh books are. I found Rome, the protagonist, to be super forgettable and flat, and the same could be said for many of the secondary characters, with the possible exception of Lux. Lux was WAY more interesting than Rome, and I wondered why the book hadn’t been written about her instead. I loved the concept of the powers/gifts that the girls all had, and would definitely like to be an Enough, like Mercy. I thought the plot was very predictable, as was the romance, and honestly don’t really know what the point of the story was. Not great.



Popping Daisies – a new spring release



Unfortunately, this book also disappointed me. I really wanted to love it because I adored I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE, but this one was definitely not as good as that book. I found Clara very annoying and immature, and didn’t ship the romance at all. The secondary characters, including the romantic interest and excluding Rose, were all very flat and underdeveloped. Clara got a little less annoying as the story evolved, but ultimately I didn’t like her very much, which made it hard to get through. I did love the food truck talk, though!


Birdsong – a musical book


This book was so. Freaking. Good. I love a good teen celeb book, and this one was very unique and cool. It was fun and entertaining while also maintaining a bit of grit with the parental issues and Emmy’s drinking. It was also SO QUEER!!!! This book is such a win for the queer community, featuring all types of queer people and INTERSECTIONALITY and also QUEER PEOPLE BEING FRIENDS!!! I’ll be screaming about the queer rep in this book forever and ever.



Ice Cream – a book that melts your heart


I was super convinced I would love this book, and I was super right!! This book was absolutely delightful and adorable, and also a little bit over-the-top, but in a really perfectly executed way. I adored Winnie, and completely shipped her romance. I liked how over-the-top the romance “prophecy” was, but thought it worked well when juxtaposed with the drama of the Bollywood movies Winnie loves so much. I also really liked that Winnie had a girl best friend who stuck with her throughout the book, and thought it added to the story a lot. This book for sure melted my heart, and I can’t wait to read more from Nisha Sharma.


Remaining Categories

  • Blooming time – a book set in spring
  • May flowers – a book you always reread in spring
  • Spring clean – a book you’ve been meaning to read forever
  • Nature calls – a book surrounded in nature
  • Spring showers – a book that makes you cry
  • WILD BEAUTY – group read-a-thon book

Since it’s only about 2 weeks into the read-a-thon, hopefully I’ll have time for a few more of these books, in addition to some other books I’m reading for other reasons. I hope to read at least 3 more books for this challenge.


Are you participating in the Spring Fling Read-a-Thon? How are you doing? Do you know of any other upcoming read-a-thons I should know about?

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the rising author tag // was I actually tagged? // no

Apparently the mood of the week is posts about writing, because I’m REALLY feeling motivated to…try to motivate myself to write I guess? Which is wayyyy different from actually BEING motivated to write, obviously, so, here we are writing posts about writing while not actually writing because that makes…sense? I wasn’t tagged by anyone to do this tag, but I’m using a collection of questions from a few bloggers, including Paper Blots, Forever and Everly, and A Whisper of Ink. So, thanks to those bloggers for the question inspo.

1. What makes you a rising author?

Okay, tbh, this is just a question that I’m hoping will possibly guilt me into writing? Though honestly guilt does not make me very motivated to do much of anything except bake and eat my feelings because I have problems. But seriously, what even is a rising author? If it means someone who writes a lot for one month out of the year, then that is definitely me, because I tend to only write during NaNoWriMo events (one of which will be coming up in July! Yay!) I find it super hard to motivate myself to write outside of that when I have no goals or deadlines. So am I really a rising author? The answer to that is…idk, I guess.


2. What is your current WIP about, and what’s its status? (ie. plotting, writing, editing, etc.)


I *sorta* have 2 WIPs? They were both written during WriMo events and have about 27,000 words each. I decided to shelve the first one, but my boyfriend really liked it and I also kind of am not quite ready to give it up yet maybe? I haven’t touched that one for 2-3 years. The other one I started last November.

I guess both are in the “writing” stage, though I really, REALLY want to go back and rework the second one, aka Queer Bookish Novel, because the first draft is such a plot-mess, and go back to the “plotting” stage. So hopefully soon I’ll be in the “plotting” stage?


3. What is your favorite genre to write?

CONTEMPORARY. I love reading contemporary and fantasy the most, but don’t have the guts to try a fantasy novel, though I’d love to write one about a siren who hates her powers because she’s in love with another siren. Or maybe a human woman. Who knows? However, both my WIPs are contemporaries for which the jumping off point was events that happened in my life, then somewhat highly fictionalized (Queer Bookish Novel is way less close to life than the first WIP, aka A MAP OF US).

I love writing in a vignette style and have also always wanted to try writing a novel in verse. I feel like my first WIP, A MAP OF US, lends itself well to verse or vignettes. I tried to write it in vignettes, but got a little lost eventually because I wasn’t sure how much of a plot/action-y I needed and/or wanted it to be because it’s about second chances in love and relationships after a tragedy.


4. Are you a plotter or a pantser?

I always *try* to be a plotter. I think that would actually help me a lot because I’ve gotten lost around halfway through both of my WIPs because I don’t know what I want to happen. Doing some sort of outline would probably give me a better idea of where the story at least *could* go. However, I never plot in time for WriMo events, so I end up pantsing, and quitting halfway through because of omgwhathappensnext panic.


5. What’s your writing routine, if any?

I’d be able to answer this question if I WROTE MORE OFTEN HINT HINT SELF. Usually when I write, I need a calming playlist of indie folk/rock/pop music in the background. I also love tea, so that would probably help. I also recently got an essential oil diffuser that I really like, and I’d love to put some sweet orange or peppermint essential oil in it and turn on the mist function while I write. That would be very relaxing.


6. Show your WIP aesthetic!

I am very proud of my aesthetic for Queer Bookish Novel because it is mostly in the bisexual colors:


This is my newly-created aesthetic for A MAP OF US which is sadly very hetero:



7. What inspires you?

This is a question I made! Here’s my answer:

poetry. mermaids. pastels. sad things. music.


8. Do you have other ideas brewing up?

Yes, actually. I already mentioned the siren one, where the siren would hate her powers because she’s gay. This idea was inspired by THE DEEPEST ROOTS, which I just read, but it would be in a fantasy, underwater setting and be more literal.

I also recently remembered an idea I had while watching¬†Riverdale a while ago (I really need to continue that show, I liked it!) I was super inspired by Josie and the Pussycats, and had the idea to write a book based on them loosely, about a girl group who are rising in fame, and it would have multiple POVs and be diverse, even though I’m scared of writing POC characters as a white person because I know I’ll be crucified whether or not I do it “right.”


9. Do you let anyone read your writing? If so, who?

I let my boyfriend read my writing before we dated. We actually met in a creative writing workshop we took our freshman year of college, so we were already kind of familiar with each other’s writing. He’s still the only person I trust to read my terrible drafts because I know he’ll be honest about it even though we’re dating, but will also be encouraging because he wants me to embrace my writing self and write more.


10. What’s the easiest part about writing? The hardest?

Um…I don’t find any part of writing easy? I guess maybe coming up with the initial concept?

The hardest part is, in case you couldn’t guess, motivating myself to write. I really WANT to write but find it so hard to convince myself to sit down and just DO IT.


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why i haven’t been writing

I actually love writing, which is one of the reasons I blog, but I also love to write other things, too, like fiction and poetry. I majored in creative writing for a little while at the arts high school I went to, stopped writing for a while when I left, then took it up again when I started my first half-novel for Camp NaNoWriMo about 3 years ago. I ended up shelving that novel because I didn’t know what to do with it (even though my boyfriend, who is also a writer, said he really liked it even though he doesn’t normally go for most YA), but then starting another half-novel last year for real NaNoWriMo. I got a little over halfway through on that one before getting sick and not writing for a few days, thus destroying my word count and demotivating me completely.

I haven’t looked at that novel pretty much since November 2017.

Honestly, I’m not completely sure why this is. I had a really strong feeling about this novel, that it was going to be the one that I finally finished and put out into the world eventually, when it was ready. I’ve always wished I had a novel to query or use to participate in things like #DVPit and #PitMad, and always start something with the goal of finishing and revising before one of those dates. Yet, it’s never happened, and I’ve been wary of touching my Queer Bookish Novel since last year.

Why is this? Probably a lot of reasons. One of my main ones is¬†motivation. For some reason, I always feel significantly less motivated to write when I don’t have a set goal or deadline approaching like I do for WriMo events. I just find it so hard to find the time to sit down and actually force myself to write. Since getting a full time job,¬†time is another issue. When do I really have time to write? I tend to like to write during the day, but I can’t do that while working.

This brings up another problem, that of waiting for perfect conditions to write. I keep telling myself, oh, I’ll write again when I have time, or, I’ll write again after I read BIG MAGIC, because I have some weird idea that reading this book will magically help me get over my writing fears and lack of motivation and discipline. One thing I learned in high school through the art program I participated in is that there is no such thing as “perfect conditions” to create, so you can’t wait for them. And yet, here I am, waiting around until I read a certain book or finally motivate myself to write an outline, etc.

Mostly though, I think aside from lack of motivation/self-discipline, my biggest obstacle is¬†FEAR. I have a lot of complicated feelings related to writing due to things that happened in the past that led to bad things and not writing creatively for a really long time. I still don’t have the same drive I used to before those things happened to write creatively as much as I used to, even though I always enjoy writing when I do it, and whenever I do write it feels like the thing I “should” be doing with my time.

I’m afraid no one will want to read my story because it’s too depressing. I’m afraid no one will want to read my story because they’ll think it’s too queer. I’m worried that I’m not queer enough to write such a queer story. I’m worried I’ll write it and be proud of it but it won’t get anywhere. I’m afraid of not knowing what to do when I get stuck.

But I want to get over these fears, because I want to have a book, and have it be Queer Bookish Novel. This feels like the right story for me to write, despite some of the aforementioned fears, and I want to start finding ways to motivate myself to write again. I just don’t know how to do it.


How do you motivate yourself to write? What are some of your fears when it comes to writing creatively?

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the trouble with “meh” reads

“Meh” reads, aka 2-3 star reads on my personal Goodreads scale, are the actual WORST. I feel like I’ve read quite a few of them this year. They’re just books that I don’t feel one way or the other about, or found boring, or just weren’t that memorable. I find “meh” books so frustrating, and here are some of the reasons why:

  • I don’t know what to rate them on Goodreads. I don’t really do reviews that often, and don’t put ratings in them when I do, so Goodreads is the only place I actually rate books with stars. If I didn’t like a book, it’s obviously automatically one or two stars, and if I did, it can be 3-5 stars. But a book that was boring or unmemorable, or that was just “meh”? What do I rate that??
  • I can’t find anything to say about it.¬†When I’m reading a “meh” book and someone asks me how my book is, or I’m talking to someone about it, I’m always at a loss for words. Even if I don’t like a book, I can find something to say because I actually FEEL something about it. But if I have no feelings about it, what really IS there to say?
  • It’s not even entertaining. Even reading a bad book can be entertaining because you’re so invested in how much you hate it. With a “meh” book, there’s nothing to get invested in or be compelled by. Sometimes I just finish the book because even though I don’t LIKE it, I’m still curious to see how much worse it can get.
  • I feel like I can’t DNF it. With a book that’s genuinely terrible, I feel like I can justify not finishing it. I always feel bad not finishing a book because I put the effort into reading it, but if it’s really bad, then it’s a little easier for me to not finish it and put it aside. If it’s “meh,” I can’t think of a good reason not to finish it, so I end up sticking with it even if it takes me forever to read because I’m not enjoying it or invested enough.
  • It’s wasted reading time. And, since I don’t usually DNF a “meh” book, it’s time wasted reading that I could’ve used on a better book. In reality I need to get better at abandoning books I don’t like, but I keep feeling weird anxiety whenever I think about not finishing a book? I never used to feel that way, but I always feel anxious now when I start considering whether to finish a book or not, like it’s too big of a decision. But, if I made the effort to read better books, I’d probably read more memorable books I enjoyed.


How do you handle “meh” books? Do you have trouble DNFing books, too?

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bout of books: final update


It‚Äôs day 3 of Bout of Books, a week-long read-a-thon hosted¬†here. Yesterday was the final day of the read-a-thon, and here’s my final update!

Here are all the books I read during this Bout of Books:

I was honestly expecting to read maybe 3 or fewer books since my reading pace has slowed so much the past year, but I think this reading challenge may have sped it back up! I’ve already read 8 books this month, which is my best reading month in about 2 years. I’m now 4 books ahead on my 50 book Goodreads challenge as well.

As for the books, my favorites were probably THE BRIGHTSIDERS, which is the last one I read, and MY SO-CALLED BOLLYWOOD LIFE. THE BRIGHTSIDERS had the best queer rep I’ve ever read, a great teen rockstar story, and totally shipable romance. MY SO-CALLED BOLLYWOOD LIFE was adorably over-the-top and completely delightful. I also really enjoyed 10 THINGS I CAN SEE FROM HERE, about an anxious lesbian, that was one of my most anticipated reads last year that I didn’t get around to, so I’m glad I did this time. The most disappointing read was THE DEEPEST ROOTS, which, though I liked the magic elements, was ultimately forgettable and boring.

How was your Bout of Books?

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bout of books: day 6 progress


It’s day 3 of Bout of Books, a week-long read-a-thon hosted here. It’s a week-long read-a-thon challenge hosted from May 14-May 20. Here’s my progress for yesterday, day 5:

Currently Reading


Books Read



Challenge: stretch goals

Today’s challenge is to reflect on goals; how we can stretch to complete them, or how the can be revised to meet them. My goal for this Bout of Books was simply to read as much as possible, because I wasn’t certain I could stick to a number goal, and thought it might add too much pressure to what’s supposed to be fun. So far though, I’ve ended up really impressing myself and reading almost a book a day, with five books complete thus far. That’s about what I’ve been able to read in past Bout of Books challenges, so I’m glad I drummed up my reading pace!

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