2019 Goals

I already posted about my 2019 reading-specific goals, so for today, I wanted to share some of my other goals for 2019 that are not related to books or reading (although honestly, what in my life isn’t related to books and reading?) This post will be in lieu of a January/monthly goals post, because I don’t want to overwhelm you all with goals posts, even though they are fun to write even if I don’t usually follow them.


  • Be more positive/practice gratitude. I am really bad at being positive. I have been depressed/anxious for the majority of my life, and honestly that makes it really hard for me to “look on the bright side.” However, all my negative thinking has been really getting me down lately, and I want to make a real effort to change some of my thinking patterns over the next year and try to be more positive and practice gratitude more often.
  • Find a hobby. I think I’d like my hobby to be writing and journaling, but I have to actually make myself write and journal in order for it to be my hobby. I just can’t think of anything else to do hobby-wise that I’d enjoy as much as reading. But I do really need something other than reading/in addition to reading to do that’s fun in my free time.



  • Find a job that makes me happy. My current job made me happy at first, but now there are so many things I don’t like about it, but the main one is working with rude and aggressive adults. I have little patience for adults, but lots when it comes to teens and kids, so I want a job where I either do more with books or where I can just work with teens and kids. I also want a job where I feel safe going to work every day, because coming to work and being afraid of how I might be harassed does not enable me to do my best work.



  • Work out 4x per week. I love walking and getting steps on my fitbit, and it’s a perfect thing that gets me going in the morning as well.
  • Eliminate caffeine. Or, I guess, at least significantly reduce it. I can drink over 3 cans of diet coke a day and I really want to eliminate that because I think it does increase my heart rate and anxiety. I just want to be healthier in general and caffeine is not a particularly healthy thing to be addicted to.



  • Get more alone time. I’ve been struggling to find alone time since my boyfriend moved in. Before he moved in, we did discuss both of our needs for alone time since we are both major introverts and he said he’d be fine going into another room for a while so we could have our time, but I never take him up on it because I always feel bad asking and honestly I do love his company. However, whenever I manage to get alone time, I always notice how much better it makes me feel and always wish I made more time for myself.
  • Make my apartment feel more like home. I’ve been living in this apartment for almost a year but it still doesn’t ring as “home” to me. Part of the reason is that we have terrible, loud, stressful neighbors and I never know if I’m going to be able to have any quiet time in my own home. Another reason is that it just feels so temporary to me because I know it’s not the type of place I want to live for a long time. I really don’t know how to make it feel like home so any ideas are welcome.



  • Reach 500 followers. I would ideally like to double my current follower count of 300 since I somehow managed that within a little less than a year. However, I don’t feel I have much control over how many people follow me as I have not found the secret formula for viral blogging success, so we’ll keep it at a hopefully manageable and reachable goal.
  • Also stop worrying as much about follower counts. Yes, this directly contradicts my first goal. This is a goal for all my social media. I keep trying bookstagram because it seems like a good way to gain followers, but honestly, sometimes I feel like followers are more my focus than actually enjoying doing bookstagram, so I’d like to stop worrying as much about how many people follow me and just focus on enjoying using various platforms and having people follow me who I actually talk to and whose content I like.
  • Improve my post formatting. I still haven’t gotten the hang of WordPress formatting, apparently, because every day I read other people’s posts with formatting things that I can’t figure out how to do. So I’d like to learn more about how to format things like changing font sizes in the middle of a sentence without changing the whole sentence or paragraph, etc.
  • Work on images for posts. I’m not a huge fan of GIFs in posts, to be honest, but I’m also not very good at getting my own images because I haven’t tried. I generally use book covers from Goodreads, but if I have a copy of the book or ARC or whatever, I’d like to try adding my own images to posts. I’ve been wanting to experiment with book photography a bit more, so maybe this will be a good way to do it.

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  1. i really love reading goal posts, to be honest. i have to say that i really do agree with some of your goals, especially the follower count one: it’s very easy to play the comparison game and feel down about your follower count even though you blog because you love it, you know? apologies for the ramble, it’s something i need to cut down on haha 😂 i wish you all the best with your goals, and will be cheering you on! have a lovely new year and 2019!

    1. I totally agree, feeling down about your follower count is just too easy. no need to cut down on the ramble, at least with me (I ramble, too!) thank you 🙂

  2. These are fantastic goals! I also need to practice more self-care and think positively way more often, too. Here’s to hoping we can do this <3 Happy new year Mel, I hope it will be an amazing one for you <3

  3. Those are all great goals and I truly hope you will accomplish everything you want! Alone time and finding things to really enjoy is so important <3 have a great start into the new year!

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