2020 reading challenges

As I was struggling to think of post ideas for this week, I realized something ridiculous: I didn’t sign up for my own reading challenge. I have certainly been encouraging people to sign up for Here & Queerathon 2020, but I have yet to make my own sign-up post, or to make a sign up post for the other challenges I plan to participate in, Destiny of Howling Library’s ARCApocalypse 2020 and Caro’s Out of Your Comfort Zone Reading Challenge.

Without (even) further ado, here are my goals for my reading challenges in 2020:


Here & Queerathon 2020

  • 12 books

I couldn’t decide how many books I should read for my own challenge because I don’t know what my reading speed is going to be like in 2020. For the past few years it’s been very slow because of mental health things, but I also don’t want to overwhelm myself or assume I’m going to be able to read so much faster. So, I’m sticking with 12 for now (one for each month) and update as I go along if it turns out I’m reading more quickly.


ARCApocalypse 2020

Currently, this is the state of my ARC and eARC pile:

  • 61 ARCs & eARCs for 2020
  • 63 for 2019
  • 95 for years prior to 2019

Y’all…I feel super guilty about the state of my unread ARCs and eARCs. In years past, I have had NO self control when it comes to requesting ARCs, especially if they’re in ebook form, because I always figure I’m going to read them *eventually* and I can’t see how many I have because they’re all on my Kindle. My extremely slowed reading pace has also definitely contributed to my extremely high number of unread ARCs, which you will notice because most of my eARCs are from 2016 and later.

I do always request books that I want to read at the time I request them, but sometimes, by the time I get a book, I’ve gotten in the mood for something else or I’ve realized I don’t want to read it for some reason. I also never know what to do when I start an ARC or eARC and decide I’m no longer interested, which has happened already a few times with 2020 books. Do I count it as read? Do I remove it from my TBR? How do I keep track of DNFs?

I just need to start getting responsible about ARC requests so I don’t end up with this situation every year and keep adding to my list of long overdue ARCs.

This year, I want to read at least

  • 30 unread ARCs & eARCs


Out of Your Comfort Zone Reading Challenge

Over half of the books I read last year were out of my comfort zone, and that’s something I’m still very proud of. For Caro’s challenge, I’m going to start with a goal of

  • 5 books

I’m kind of not sure what books to count as outside my comfort zone this year because after last year trying out genres like romance and poetry and enjoying them, I’m not sure what’s outside of my comfort zone anymore? So we’ll see what I come up with this year.



Goodreads Reading Challenge

I’ve only been doing a Goodreads goal for the past couple of years, and this year I almost didn’t make one at all because I really want to focus more on the quality of what I’m reading and enjoying reading again vs. forcing myself to read a lot of books just to say I read that many.

However, I really liked having all my reading stats at the end of the year from the challenge, and it’s so satisfying to see the number checked off, that I decided to just make a low goal of

  • 25 books

for my GR challenge this year. Obviously I’m going to read way more than that, but I figure I can update my goal as I reach my mini-goals. I just didn’t want to feel overwhelmed by a huge number when I don’t know what my reading pace is going to look like this year.


What challenges are you participating in this year? How many books do you hope to read?


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  1. Ahh best of luck for all of your reading challenges Mel, they all sound so exciting! I can’t wait to see everything you will read and wish you all the best of luck 😀

  2. That’s pretty much exactly how I set my goal for this year, too. Last year I got so hung up on completing the books that I was rushing, and I refused to DNF a book I was too far in to. Even if it was terrible lol. It’s made me not want to read so far this year D:

  3. I’m hoping to read around 30 books and a big goal is to participate in more readathons! I’ll be participating in yours (of course) and I’ve got my eye on a few more throughout the year. 🙂

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