bookemon readathon sign-up post

Today I’m excited to share with you one of the events I’ll be participating in this month, Bookemon!! Bookemon is a BookTube event hosted by booktubers MEGAN OF TOME INFINITY, SAM OF SARCASM AND SCI-FI, JADE OF JADED READER, STEF OF NOVELTEA CORNER, SARAH OF NOVEL SARAH-NDIPITY, and ERIK OF BREAKEVEN BOOKS. This is an event inspired, of course, by Pokemon, with the goal of beating Team Rocket’s 1,000,000 health points. To gain Combat Points, you can participate in a variety of team challenges (I’m team Mystic), and other prompts based on Pokemon types to get more points. You can find more information on the prompts and overall challenge with this document.

My Bookemon buddy is Rapidash–called Rhymedash in this challenge–both because I love Ponyta and because fire types Pokemon get a 250 CP bonus for reading standalones, which I read a lot of.

My main goal for this challenge is to at the very least complete all of the team prompts. Within each book, I’ll definitely be able to do a lot of the extra Pokemon type prompts, so I’m not going to bother sharing books for each individual prompt that I want to read. But, here are are some of the books I want to read for each of the team prompts:


blue team: read a book featuring a blue cover

I probably have a few on my TBR to fit this, but as of now I’ve already completed this one with Nikita Gill’s poetry collection, FIERCE FAIRYTALES.



logical: read a book you know you should get to

I’m going with BEACH READ, my BOTM pick from last month, for this one. I may also read another previous BOTM book, ANNA K., for this prompt, which also counts for the blue prompt.



gym training: read a book from the library or your owned tbr

I will continue the THREE DARK CROWNS series with TWO DARK REIGNS and FIVE DARK FATES.


mystic group book

The group book for Team Mystic is THE TEN THOUSAND DOORS OF JANUARY, which I actually own.


blanche’s mission: a book that is set in another world

I may also end up counting one of the THREE DARK CROWNS books for this prompt.


articuno: read a book about or based on middle eastern mythology or culture

I will be reading GIRL, SERPENT, THORN for this one, which is a sapphic fantasy based on Persian mythology.



Are you participating in Bookemon Readathon? What books would you read for these prompts?

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may goals

I wish I had a clever intro for this post, but let’s just get to how I did with my April goals and what my May goals will be for now, shall we?


april goals

  • Get active minutes 5x/week.    xx     Did not do this.
  • Put away my clothes after the laundry every week.      xx       Definitely did not do this.
  • Stick to a budget.         xx       Did not do this but was not over budget.
  • Participate in the OWLS Readathon!         !!          I did this!
  • Participate in BookEnding Spring.         !!             I did 3 posts for BookEnding Spring.
  • Participate in Dewey’s 24-hr Readathon.       !!           I participated for about 3 hours, but I’m counting it.


may goals

  • Celebrate Beltane. Over the past couple years, I haven’t celebrated any witchy spring sabbats or esbats, but since I’m home I figure I might as well. I don’t really feel a personal connection to the spring-y holidays, but after reading THREE DARK CROWNS, I think Beltane is going to be a new favorite holiday because it holds so much significance in the series.
  • Finish 5 books. I’m saying “finish” because I started a bunch mid-late April but never finished them, and I don’t want to feel like I have to finish those AND start and finish 5 others. Ideally I’d like to read a lot more than that since I’m still in isolation, but we’ll see how it goes.
  • Meet my step goal 5x/week. Before isolation, I was doing super well at meeting 10,000 steps per day, but obviously I don’t have anywhere to go now so it’s hard to meet that so I’ve lowered my goal significantly, but still often don’t meet it because I’m finding it challenging to motivate myself to do much of anything these days because of quarantine blues.
  • Limit sugar intake to 2x/week. Baking is definitely a huge comfort for me right now, but I had been making a lot of progress on cultivating healthy eating habits over the past couple months so I don’t want to totally fall off the wagon and have to start from a worse off place than when I started in January when this is all over.
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