24in48 readathon sign up!!

Red alert! Red alert! This never happens! This is unprecedented! I have AN ENTIRE TWO DAYS OFF IN A ROW during a 24-hr readathon! Okay, so this one is actually 48 hours, but the goal is still to read for 24 hours out of the 48 hour time span, ergo the 24in48 Readathon!! I have been wanting to try binge reading again because I haven’t been able to do it in so long so this seems like the perfect opportunity to relax and get my reading on.

If you want to sign up, use the sign up google form here.

but now for the important part

aka what i am reading for the readathon:

(aka a super ambitious reading list that I definitely will not complete because I am already still reading three books that I have to finish)


  • Wicked Fox | Kat Cho – I squealed and scared the new librarian at my branch when I saw we had gotten this one. I tried to get an ARC but apparently there were very few of them available, and I was sad. Even though my library had a copy that I could check out, I prefer ebooks so I ended up buying WICKED FOX earlier in the week and I’m so excited to read it; the first paragraph is the best first paragraph I’ve read in a long time, so my hopes are HIGH, Y’ALL.
  • Love from A to Z | S. K. Ali – I keep saying I’ll read this one next and don’t do it. So maybe this weekend.
  • We Set the Dark on Fire | Tehlor Kay Mejia – I also keep saying I’ll read this one next. I need my queer revolution book. Maybe this weekend?
  • Spin the Dawn | Elizabeth Lim – I’ve been wanting to read this Mulan x Project Runway comped book since the deal was announced and am embarrassed that I still haven’t read my eARC of it.



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  1. Omg I somehow got two days off in a row during 24 in 48 too! That never happens to me either. Haha.

  2. Good luck with the Readathon! 🙂 I’m away on vacation, but still sad that I cannot participate, because I missed the last 24in48 as well 😅 I hope you have fun with the Readathon and enjoy Love from A to Z 💕

  3. Ooooh good luck with the readathon!! Super intrigued to see what you think of Wicked Fox and Love from A to Z. I’ve been keeping an eye on both of them, so I’m intrigued to see how you like. P.S. Your blog aesthetic is gorgeous! Great post, and have fun with the readathon! 🙂

    1. thank you! I can’t take credit for it; it was designed by Novels and Waffles 🙂 And yes, I am excited for Wicked Fox and Love from A to Z as well 🙂

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