#5OnMyTBR: Pastel Covers

Hello, readers! Today will be my first time participating in the #5OnMyTBR meme, which is hosted by the lovely E. of Local Bee Hunters Nook! It happens every Monday with the goal of sharing 5 books on your TBR, and you can either use the prompts, create your own prompt, or just share 5 books from your TBR. Graphic created by E.

Today, I’m choosing one of the past prompts, Pastel Covers on my TBR! I’ve actually noticed a lot of upcoming books on my TBR have pastel covers, plus my whole aesthetic is pastel, so it seemed appropriate.

Here are my picks:

as far as you’ll take me – phil stamper

As you may know if you’ve followed me for a while, I LOVED Phil Stamper’s debut novel, THE GRAVITY OF US, and have been super pumped about his upcoming 2021 release, AS FAR AS YOU’LL TAKE ME. This book follows Marty, a gay teen who moves to London to pursue music and escape his conservative family.

the love curse of melody mcintyre – robin talley

I have enjoyed a previous book by Robin Talley and keep meaning to read more of her work because IT’S ALL SAPPHIC!!!! This book is about Mel (woo, name twin!!) who loves theater and being stage manager, but seems to be cursed to ruin her love life and to ruin the show when she falls in love. Of course, a cute girl ruins her plans of not falling in love during the production of Les Mis, so she has to try to not fall in love and wreck the show.

a pho love story – loan le

This book sounds so cute?! It’s a romcom about two teens who work at rival pho restaurants, so I’m expecting competition shenanigans and food descriptions galore for this one!

one last stop – casey mcquiston

This book was pitched as a queer Kate & Leopold, which I have not seen since I was a child and therefore do not remember. However, I am going to probably read everything Casey writes after RED, WHITE, AND ROYAL BLUE, and really, what could go wrong with a queer time travel-y romance??

she’s too pretty to burn – wendy heard

All I needed to know about this book was that it was sapphic and a thriller and I was sold. This book features two artists, a fire, and two murders, so obviously it’s going to be super intense and I am HERE FOR IT.

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  1. These covers are absolutely stunning!! Especially the last book wow! I donโ€™t read thrillers so I probably wonโ€™t get to it but the cover art is beautiful.
    Iโ€™m especially excited to read A Pho Love Story – the rival business aspect is so much fun.

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