7 witchy things to do with a notebook

For those who are not familiar with witchy things and witchcraft, a grimoire, or book of shadows, is a witch’s book of spells and magical ideas. It can be more focused simply on information, or it can be more personal and incorporate personal findings for spells, things like dream interpretation, and other things that are special to the witch writing their own book of shadows. Today, I’ll be sharing some witchy things that you can do with a notebook, because I’m sure I’m sure I’m not the only notebook lover who could use a little magic in their lives.

So, here are some witchy things you can do with a blank notebook:

  • “rough draft” book of shadows. When you’re just starting out, it’s easy to get bogged down in all kinds of information about witchcraft. Writing a rough draft of what you want to put in your book of shadows and figure out how you want to organize it before putting it in a more expensive and “official” book of shadows could be a great way to sort out your thoughts and what’s important to your craft.
  • meditation journal. Use a notebook to write and reflect on your experiences meditating, about what works and doesn’t work for you, and track your mood before and after meditation. Journaling in itself can also be a form of meditation.
  • tarot journal. Keep a record of your tarot readings and interpretations for each reading. Note what deck you used, what question you asked if you asked a question, and if your reading was accurate or not.
  • reading journal. Make a list of books related to your path and craft that you want to read, and other resources, print and online, that you want to use to help you with your craft or path.
  • spell book. Keep a journal of pages to use specifically when performing a spell. I’ve found a lot of spells require writing a verse or sigil (magical symbol) and burning it or using it in some other way, so it might be useful to have a journal of pages specifically for that.
  • Spirit journal. If you work with spirits, you can keep track of your interactions with spirits, what they like or don’t like, what brought them to you, what you said to them, etc.
  • Altar or shrine. If you’re a closeted and religious witch, a notebook might be a good place to draw an altar. You can also use it to keep a dossier of deities you feel connected to. Not all witches are theistic or believe in deities, but if you do, this could be one way to express it.

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    1. I do not! but I have considered doing one just for fun. I’ve been enjoying writing witchy posts.

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