all the stars and teeth week: mermaid hair mist

Because a mermaid is a key character in ALL THE STARS AND TEETH, today I’ll be sharing a mermaid hair mist recipe I found early on in my study of witchcraft here. I will also be elaborating on it and explaining the use of the ingredients and their significance in witchcraft.


In the book, the mermaid character is significant because Amora (princess MC) and Bastian (the pirate) have to travel to a Mysterious Island for Secret Spoilery Reasons I Will Not Reveal, but they’ll need to get around all the curses surrounding the island, and a mermaid is the only creature that can navigate through cursed waters and find a safe path. They have to fight for her freedom because she is being held prisoner by a total scumbag. I would also like to point out that even the MC is staggered by the mermaid’s beauty, and I sensed serious bi energy that I wish was elaborated on.


mermaid hair mist


  • rose water
  • rose hip oil

Roses are associated with many Greek and Roman gods, including Aphrodite, Eros, and Adonis. Different parts of the rose can be added to charms as a protection against evil. Rose water is protective and can be worn on the body and on clothes. When added to an evil eye, rose petals can be used as a protective agent as well. Rose hips are powerful in spells involving luck and love. In general, roses have powerful use in love spells, whether they are being used to attract another or promote self-love.

  • crushed pink sea salt

Salt has SO MANY uses in witchcraft. Each color or other mineral used in salt adds its own properties to it, but some uses are common with all salts. In an altar, salt can be used to represent the element of Earth. Salt is also very commonly used for protection and cleansing (i. e. a salt circle, sprinkling salt on the doorstep of your home, etc). Salt is also used for absorbing negative energies, and can be used in spell jars or in a ritual bath. Some faiths use salt in their holy water, which can be used for a variety of purposes as well.

  • lavender essential oil

When I wrote this post, I learned that lavender is apparently associated with Earth signs like Virgo, and I am a Virgo, so I was very pleased to learn my favorite herb is associated with my sign. Anyway. Lavender can be used in spells to sharpen your mind or intellect, as well as in magic designed to encourage fertility or strengthen pure love. Apparently it is also good for deterring fleas and moths from clothes.



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