april goals

Goodbye March, hello April and April goals.

First, let’s recap how I did with my March goals:


march goals

  • Stick to a budget.     XX       I did a really good job of this until COVID-19 hit and I stress bought a lot of stuff. Maybe I can do better next month.
  • Read at least 1 of my Book of the Month books.      XX     I did not do this. I realized I don’t think I am actually interested in the last BOTM book I got. Probably I don’t actually need to be subscribed to it, but I like the idea of trying new books even though I haven’t actually liked any I’ve gotten from them except RW&RB.
  • Do at least one fun thing every weekend.       !!        This was a good goal, and I did it!
  • Walk for 20 minutes/day at least 4x/week.           X!        Kind of did this? I did it for some weeks.
  • Read at least 15 minutes/day at least 5x/week.       XX         Did not do this.
  • Clean/organize for at least 5 minutes 4x/week.          X!           I definitely organized/cleaned MORE than normal, but did not adhere to this rule for sure.


april goals

  • Get active minutes 5x/week. I want to make sure that I’m not just sitting on the couch doing nothing the whole time I’m social distancing, so this seems like a good goal. I usually get active minutes from taking a walk, so it should be easy enough to achieve.
  • Put away my clothes after the laundry every week. I need to get better at not a) leaving my clothes in the dryer or b) leaving them in a clump on the floor that then needs to be washed again and becomes a clump again.
  • Stick to a budget. Actually do it this month.
  • Participate in BookEnding Spring. I want to start blogging more again, and this event with themed post ideas seems like a good way to do that!
  • Participate in Dewey’s 24-hr Readathon. I really want to up my reading game while I’m not at work, and reading for most of a 24-hr period is probably a good goal. However, I’m a little worried about this goal because for the past few Dewey’s events, I read for about 5 minutes and forget about the event for the rest of the time.


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  1. I really like how honest you are with yourself about what goals you did and did not do! I feel like that leads to more progress because you can better assess what approaches worked and what didn’t. I recently reorganized my weekly tasks to be more realistic after a month of tracking which tasks I finished regularly and which I did not. Good luck with your new goals! I feel like one of the positive things to come from quarantine is more time to work on ourselves and our personal goals.

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