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Astrothon is a week-long readathon hosted on Instagram by, among others, Fey of Fey’s Bookish World, whose post directed me to this event. Astrothon runs from July 1-8 with various prompts to complete based off of the solar system! Their goal is to read at least four books, but I think I might shoot a little lower and stick with three. You can also combine books for topics with at least 2 books.

Here are some of the books I hope to read for each of the challenges:


sun: finish a book in 24 hours

…almost any book


mercury: a book with an important message


I am expecting Maggie Ann Martin’s TO BE HONEST (formerly THE STRUGGLE IS REAL which I liked better) to be a body positivity fest.


venus: a book by a female author

Pretty much all YA books, honestly


earth: a book you see yourself represented in

I honestly don’t know what to pick for this one? I guess anything queer or having to do with mental illness would count. We’ll see I guess.


mars: a book about someone/something lost


I’ve been debating reading this one since getting my eARC of it, but have been hesitant because it sounds very sad. It’s about three teens who suffer a tragedy and are brought together by music (the synopsis is sort of vague on the details). Marie at Drizzle & Hurricane Books wrote a brief review of it recently that made me want to read it more, so I might still give it a shot.


jupiter: a book you can finish in one sitting

…again, almost any book, if I set my mind to it


saturn: a book with an eye-catching cover


This book wasn’t really on my radar until I was pitched an ARC of it and then started seeing super positive reviews of it everywhere. It’s about a texting relationship and social anxiety and other stuff that make me really want to try it.


uranus: a character with a cold demeanor


So many characters from this book fit the bill for this prompt, but especially the Commandant and Helene. I want to reread this book because I just got REAPER and felt a little disoriented when I tried reading it right away. I usually read the previous book in a series when the new book comes out anyway, so it wouldn’t be terrible.


neptune: a book with blue on the cover


pluto: a book written in a nontraditional format


I’ve been meaning to read JANE SINNER since before it came out and am kicking myself for not having read it yet. This book is about depression, reality tv, and religion apparently. It’s written in diary format with scripts in the middle.


moon: a book in a series

Another book I’ve seen on a ton of blogs is Nora Sakavic’s THE FOXHOLE COURT series. I might start this one because it sounds interesting and is queer. Honestly the queerness is my main motivation to read this series aside from the recs from other bloggers.


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