August Goals

It’s August, aka BIRTHDAY MONTH. I am turning 25 and ready for my quarter-life crisis. July was actually a relatively good month for me, which is somewhat unusual, so let’s see first how I did with my July goals:

July Goals

  • Read 5 books         !!     I did this.
  • Participate in Astrothon          !!     I also did this. I read 3 books for the week-long readathon.
  • Either outline my novel or actually start writing it and participate in Camp NaNoWriMo     X!         I kind of did this? I outlined 10 chapters and started writing, but didn’t officially participate in Camp NaNo because it felt too overwhelming, and I definitely didn’t finish an outline. Plus, I keep flip-flopping on some elements of my story idea.
  • Do one healthy thing per day       X      I did not do this, I think? I ate significantly less sugar than normal but healthy eating is still proving to be a struggle.
  • Experiment with journaling more       X!      I kind of did this? I tried one journaling technique I learned in a book by someone who hosts journaling workshops and kind of liked it, but I think I like doing daily spreads and tasks and habits more than personal journaling.
  • Have one relaxing evening during the week        X          I did not do this. When I wrote this goal, I intended to make my one relaxing evening alone time specifically, and I realized throughout the month that I actually sometimes prefer my evenings with my boyfriend watching shows and cuddling our cats to just alone time. But I think I still need to focus on trying to stay relaxed outside of work more often.


August Goals

  • Read 5 books. I thought about increasing it to 7 or 8, but 5 seems to be a reasonable, meetable goal.
  • Write 5,000 words of novel. Honestly, I’d like to write all of it so I can revise and participate in the next #PitMad event in September, but, given that I’ve never finished a full novel before, this is probably a more reasonable goal.
  • Do one healthy thing per day. Actually do it this month.
  • Try to make mornings more relaxing. My boyfriend likes to watch the morning news, usually CNN, which is very depressing because the US is a mess. This is not an ideal morning for me because I do not enjoy feeling stressed before 8am, so I am going to think of things I can do to relax in the morning before work instead of feeling stressed and tense.
  • Enjoy a guilt-free staycation/birthday. For my birthday (which is August 24th, by the way), I am taking a vacation from work and having a bit of a staycation from August 22 until I go back to work the next Monday. I feel a bit guilty about this because I don’t *need* to take off so many days; I just really want a break from work for a bit. I haven’t had a break since starting this job, and I think a staycation with a personal readathon, good snacks, and bae cuddles will be lovely, as long as I don’t beat myself up or feel guilty about it.
  • Relax more in general. I think I generally just need to relax more. I basically go to work, go home, shower, eat, and go to sleep and don’t make time for fun or personal things. I love the time I spend with Corey, but I also know it’s important for me to make more time for myself because I am a person who needs alone space to recharge.
  • Decorate our bedroom. It is a bit of a challenge finding decor that both Corey and I like, but he has okay-ed putting up various book plates and bookmarks that I have. I have seen some cool ideas for arranging images on the walls with other decorations, so I hope I find some inspiration somewhere to make our bedroom look prettier and feel more home-y.


What are your August goals?


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  1. My birthday’s in August, it’s on the 15th and I’m also turning 25! So ready for that quarter-life crisis I’m going to have too (: (:

    I have off the day before and of my birthday but nothing else. A little bit frustrating but the day before is my Gram’s birthday. I’m just hoping my boyfriend gets his vacation approved soon so I can have an early birthday present lol.

    Hope you have a successful month <3

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