bad netgalley covers (2)

It’s time for a second round of bad covers I’ve found on NetGalley. Prepare yourselves, because some of these are truly terrible.



I guess this one maybe isn’t awful but…I just don’t understand it? It looks so weird to me with the stark white background, and I’m not understanding what material this photo is made of because it looks more like ripped wallpaper, and why is her face ripped?? Plus the tagline is so teeny tiny that I can’t even read it?? There is a lot going on here and I understand none of it.



Why…would you pick that font. And why is there so much light? I think there’s supposed to be another image in the background but why have an image if you’re going to blur it out beyond recognition? Even I could design a better cover than this and I am NOT a designer.



This is probably a personal thing but I simply HATE covers where there are things made to look like a face or head silhouette. Why would you ever need a cave in the shape of a head??



Red sky =/= normal, red skin =/= normal…this cover is an oxymoron. And also very red. Why??




That’s really all I need to say.




Plot twist: the covers are actually for different books and not the exact same cover. Who’da thunk?



I am SO perplexed by this. WTF? Is that dude a frog?? Also is it just me or does that person-frog *kind of* look like it has blackface? Which is super problematic??



These colors are just…a lot. Looking at this cover makes my eyes bleed. And the shocking thing is this is from Simon & Schuster.



This is another color combo that is just bad. I also just noticed the weird splatters? What is that supposed to be? Ink? Blood? But these colors…should not be together.



Apparently I just hate all the colors on these covers. This looks like vomit. Or another yellow bodily fluid that needs not to be named.



This isn’t *as* bad as the others, but it’s again a weird yellow? Yellow can be a really unattractive color. I’m also confused by all the light bubbles and the weird smudging and attempted vignette effect. It is all too much accompanied by a bad color.



This is not a whale nor is it a lonely thing. Plus why is it ALL in blue? Monochromatic covers = nonono. Boring boring boring.

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