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It is truly a highlight of my day to go on NetGalley and see all the wonderful YA books coming out that are available for request. However, it is also sometimes annoying because I have to sort through all the books with really terrible covers. Whenever I see a slew of terrible covers, I always hope they add more books with better covers soon so I don’t have to look at the bad covers every time I log onto it (which I do way too much, tbh). Today’s post is dedicated to NetGalley’s terrible covers, and may become a feature if people happen to enjoy.

My comments are solely based on the covers, not any understanding of what the book is about.


I get they’re going for dark maybe? But this cover is way too dark and shadowy to really see anything…also is that a normal place for a butt line? That is a very pronounced butt line. Also what genre is this? She looks like she’s wearing jeans but there’s a dragon and a fantasy forest? I’m confused.



This looks more like a children’s cover than a YA cover and there’s a lot going on here. We have a weird faded aura around the girl, then a victorian-ish border, then a city at the bottom. Plus, this hair does not look like real hair because of how its drawn. It’s a puff with no dimension.



This. Is so. Literal. Paper cut outs is your title AND you’re posting literal paper cutouts on the cover? you also can’t see the gray ones very well and it looks like she’s holding it but only on one side and is the black part supposed to be a shadow and if so why is she holding a shadow I’M SO CONFUSED!



Baha. Bahahaha. I mean..what?? Apparently what we buried is the girl’s face somewhere else. This is both funny and vaguely disturbing at the same time. But omg WHAT. Seriously.



I guess this cover isn’t terrible but the title is UNLEAVING and?? She’s clearly?? Leaving?? Okay, cover designers.



To me this book cover says “I am trying to be pretentious and literary but am failing miserably because I look like a self-published adult romance.”



I mean…that title though. GESTATION? Who thought that was a good idea?? Is the child on the cover the product of the gestation period of that monster? Is the child gestating the monster?? Also you can’t even see anything on this cover because the lighting is dreadful.



I get they were going for ghostly here, but if your tagline is about zombies, maybe you should’ve gone for that and not had so much white against black on your cover? That is a bad font.



This looks like they were trying to be pretentious again with that title but the image just looks like they plopped it on the cover and stretched it out to fit in the space.


Which of these covers is your favorite bad cover? Was I too harsh with any of them? Would you read any of these based on the covers?


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