bi-weekly update: 5-5-19

As I’ve mentioned many a time, I LOVE doing wrap-up and general personal update posts. I don’t know if anyone else loves them, but it’s my blog so…I do what I want. I’ve been debating whether I wanted to continue doing a weekly update since returning from hiatus, and I saw another blogger do a bi-weekly update post, and I thought it was a good idea so I’m going to try it out. Plus I have things I feel like sharing this week, so we’re doing one. It’s happening.


life updates

  • I GOT APPROVED TO GO TO BOOK EXPO!!!!!!!!!!!!! In my monthly wrap-up from April, I told y’all how I applied for funding at my job to go to Book Expo, and I WAS FINALLY APPROVED! I got approved I think for the entire amount, which includes travel, hotel, and food! I am so excited and nervous because I’ve never been to Book Expo in an official or professional way, and I’ve also never stayed in a hotel by myself or traveled to NYC completely on my own. I’m somewhat scared because I’m still super terrified of taking the subway and have only done it by myself twice and both times I cried. Actually, I’ve cried literally every single time I’ve been to NYC because I find it so overwhelming and always end up having a panic attack. So…big city anxiety survival strategies welcome…
  • Two of my annoying neighbors moved. The ones who scratched my car moved a couple weeks ago and over the weekend, the neighbors who used to play ridiculously loud music at all hours moved! Now we only have to deal with our annoying college neighbors who live above us and have very loud intimate activities and never fix their loud garbage disposal. These adult problems are probably not interesting to anybody.
  • I’ve decided to do The Artist’s Way. I got this book called The Artist’s Way a while ago because I read that it had good journaling suggestions, but in reality, it’s actually a course designed to help any person open up their creative potential. Some of it seems kind of hokey, but I think I need to do it because I’ve been struggling so much to get myself to write again even though I have ideas. I’m really hopeful that this course in creativity will open up my creative well again and inspire me to think differently about creativity and be inspired to do creative things more often. Shout out to Christine’s blog for reminding me of this book and inspiring me to give it a shot! Expect weekly updates and a more official announcement soon!


reading life

I decided to do something weird this week and read MULTIPLE BOOKS AT ONCE. I have almost never been able to do this because I found it hard to split my focus. I decided to try it again though because my anxiety and depression has been making my concentration super terrible lately anyway, so why not try reading a bunch of stuff at once? I’ve actually been really enjoying doing this, because whenever I lose focus in one book, I feel I don’t have to force myself to keep going, which usually leads me to read really slowly or DNF something, and instead can just switch gears to something else. I feel very un-me with this strategy but it seems to be working really well for me so far.


what i’m reading

*me: favorite color is pink
*also me: is somehow reading all purple-schemed books

I’ve been reading Finale for what feels like forever now and I wasn’t liking it but now…it’s getting better? I still have a lot of issues with it but I’m enjoying the story more and omfg I ship Tella and Jacks so much but I know it’s not gonna happen and I’m a sad potato.

I’m really liking Julie Buxbaum’s new book, Hope and Other Punchlines. I wasn’t sure if I’d dig a 9/11 book, but it’s really interesting and the characters are well written and the banter is great and I am so hoping for a romance even though I’m not sure if I ship it? But Abbi and Noah are both so awkward and I just want to hug them. Also Jack is the most amazing best friend and I wish he had been my best friend when I was a teen.

I’m also LOVING Ashley Poston’s book Geekerella, and wish I’d read it sooner! It’s such a well-written and well-crafted book and makes my editing heart so happy. I feel bad for having judged her so harshly on her first book and then never giving her another shot after that, because this one is utterly delightful and I ship the heck out of this book and can’t wait to read THE PRINCESS AND THE FANGIRL.


books i hauled

Okay, this section is mostly just to scream about the fact that I GOT APPROVED FOR THE MADNESS BLOOMS!!!!!!!!!! aka the next book by the author of GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE, which is the best queer book EVER. I’m so excited for tulips and LESBIANS.

I also got approved for Meg Cabot’s latest adult romance, NO JUDGEMENTS, about love and hurricanes. I love Meg Cabot so I am psyched for this book. I’m also super interested in THE GRACE YEAR by Kim Liggett; it sounds very feminist and horror-esque so I am here for it.




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  1. I am so excited that you decided to do The Artist’s Way! I’m glad I could encourage you to give it a go.

    Congrats on getting to go to Book Expo! NYC is definitely overwhelming…sometimes I honestly forget how I was able to live there for two years. I think I just…self-medicated with alcohol, honestly. As far as subway tips: there are a lot of free apps with the subway map, and you can also just screenshot a picture of it on google. I’m super visual, so it always helped me to have an actual map. My other tip is to make yourself a playlist of upbeat songs to listen to when you start to get stressed out. I hope you’re able to enjoy your trip without being too overwhelmed – make sure you take time to just relax and breathe while you’re there!

    1. ooh, I love the playlist suggestion. I will definitely need some stop panicking now music while I’m there. I’ve heard about a few subway apps that are good so I’ll probably be downloading one of them before I go. thank you for your suggestions, I will for sure be using them!! <3

  2. AHHHH CONGRATULATIONS on getting to Book Expo, this is so, so, so very exciting and I hope to hear all about your adventures there <3 <3 <3

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