bi-weekly update \\ 6-15-19

Hello, friends! I kind of dropped the ball on bi-weekly updates because the last one was supposed to be due around the time I went to Book Expo and things have been super busy, but I am going to try to bring them back again starting today. So, let’s move right along…

life happenings

  • The school year is ending. The teens have been really wild at the library lately because school is getting out and they’re all hyper, which means things have been very hectic after school for me. I love my teens, but after these past couple of weeks I’m honestly a little glad they’ll probably mostly be gone for the summer, though I’ll likely miss them after about a month. But things have just been so crazy with them and nobody is behaving themselves and I need a BREAK.
  • I have a major convention event coming up at the library. Every year for the past 5 years, my library branch has put on a huge comic convention for the community. This year, I was co-chair for the planning committee. I’m also leading a panel. It is an incredibly stressful time for me in general and I really hope lots of people come because we’ve all been working so hard on the event to make it great and different from previous years. One of the most exciting things we’re doing is having authors come, including Dhonielle Clayton, who I strongly encouraged us to invite, so I take full credit for that. I’m also leading a panel at the end of the day, and it will be my first time leading a panel in really any capacity, and I am nervous because I am a shy, introverted, anxious person.


what i’ve read

The only book I’ve finished within the past couple weeks is CHECK PLEASE! which is a graphic novel about a gay boy who’s a freshman in college and is about his time on his school’s hockey team. This was a super cute book, and usually I don’t feel super connected to graphic novels but this story really spoke to me. I liked how it was formatted in that it was written sometimes in the format of a vlog because Bittle (the MC) has a vlog where he talks about his team and also baking. I also loved all the baking in this book and thought it was super adorable. I also shipped the ship so much. I am not usually a graphic novel person at all but honestly I really want to read book 2. All the characters in this graphic novel were so well-written and it was just a really great story.

I also finished I WAS BORN FOR THIS, which is the first Alice Oseman book I’ve read. I decided to buy it special from Book Depository since it’s not available in the US and sounded really good, then didn’t read it for a year and was def missing out. I loved Alice Oseman’s writing style and all the stuff about fandom and self worth and the anxiety rep and just <3 <3 <3 MY HEART <3 <3 <3 I actually loved both narrators, and usually when there’s a dual narrated book I tend to prefer one narrator over the other. This was just a masterful YA story and I wish it would come to the US so everyone over here could read it too. This will for sure not be my last Alice Oseman book and I’m very tempted to start RADIO SILENCE right away because I just need more of her words!


blogging life

Honestly, I’ve been kind of feeling like I need another hiatus again. Things are just so ridiculously busy right now that I don’t even have as much time to blog as I normally do, and my brain is not in a headspace to blog. I find myself scrambling to come up with post ideas right before I want to have a post up, and just kind of forcing myself to write posts. I’d feel really bad taking another hiatus so soon though, so I don’t know. Maybe I’ll just try to put less pressure on myself to post every day. That might help.



OMG I can have a writing section now!! I’m so excited. Anyway, here’s what’s been going on in my writing life:

  • Outlining and researching Southern Gothic sapphic Jane Eyre retelling. A while ago, I literally had a dream about writing a sapphic Southern Gothic Jane Eyre retelling. I’ve let the idea sit for a long time and I’ve recently started doing some research on Southern Gothic lit to brush up my knowledge and reading my book on outlining again to get some ideas on how to go about planning this novel. In my version of Jane Eyre, Jane will be in love with her best friend, Helen Burns, who dies in the original novel. I think I want most of it to take place in and around Lowood. It will still have some version of Edward Rochester, but he will not be the love interest. So it will be a VERY loose retelling.
  • Getting a lot more ideas. Including a retelling of HARRIET THE SPY, but Harriet is a fanfiction writer. This will also obviously be queer because I don’t think I’m capable anymore of writing hetero fiction. I want to do more reading of books that are similar to my concepts for both SGS Jane Eyre and my fanfiction Harriet the Spy retelling, so if you have recs for good Southern Gothic fiction (either YA or classic, it doesn’t matter to me) or books about fanfiction outside of FANGIRL, please let me know!


recent hauls

In addition to CHECK PLEASE! which I checked out and read yesterday, I also checked out Margaret Rogerson’s SORCERY OF THORNS and AND THE OCEAN WAS OUR SKY by Patrick Ness. I for some reason thought SORCERY OF THORNS was a sequel to AN ENCHANTMENT OF RAVENS?? But no?? It’s actually a standalone fantasy about a world where sorcerers are evil and a girl who works/lives in a magical library. It sounds really intriguing and I’m excited to read it. As for AND THE OCEAN WAS OUR SKY, it’s an illustrated book by Patrick Ness who’s a very big deal author who I’ve never read, and I *think* it’s a Moby Dick retelling? But also about the whales? And the whales are also at war with the humans? And it’s illustrated? It just looks super cool and unique and I’ve never read anything by Ness even though all the blogosphere loves him so I thought I’d give it a try.

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  1. Ahhh I’m so happy you enjoyed Alice Oseman’s I Was Born For This, I thought it was so so brilliant and I love all of her books so much. Can’t wait for you to read more from her <3

    1. yes yes it is for sure one of my fave books this year. I’m def planning to read radio silence and solitaire ASAP because I am so in love with her writing <3

  2. “nobody is behaving themselves and I need a BREAK.” I RELATE TO THIS SENTENCE.

    also, don’t put pressure on yourself! I’ve gone from blogging three times a week to blogging only a few times a month but I’m happy with the posts I put out. I wish I had more time but sometimes other things have to be prioritized more and that’s okay! Take your time, and take a hiatus if you need it. Don’t worry about blogging. It’s a hobby, not a responsibility.

    1. thank you for your sweet comment <3 I definitely have trouble looking at blogging as just a hobby sometimes because I care so much about it but maybe that would be a good approach for me for now...

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