blogging reflections: where i’ve been and where i’m going

As you may have gathered from my first weekly wrap-up post last week, I have been thinking A LOT about my blog lately. Contemplating changing my name has made me think a lot about my blogging journey in general and also where I hope to take my blogging career (a term I use very loosely because obviously blogging is more of a hobby for me since I don’t get paid for it and do it because I want to do it) in the future.

So, here is a semi-coherent collection of thoughts about my blogging career so far, and where I hope to take it with a name change:

  • I have tried a lot of blogging platforms. I started out on Blogger, then moved to free WordPress before WordPress started having ads everywhere, tried self-hosted with RFE Hosting, moved back to Blogger, moved to Premium WordPress for this blog, then am now probably going to go back to self-hosted with RFE. I picked RFE Hosting because a couple other bloggers have used it who I follow, it’s a very reasonable price to host and migrate the site, and they always respond right away to any questions I have and are extremely helpful. I will also get all the features of a Business WordPress plan, i. e. adding my own themes and adding plug ins, without having to pay a ridiculous amount of money for it.
  • I’ve changed my blog names A LOT. Probably more than is necessary or sane for most bloggers. Here is a quick rundown of all the names I’ve had: Bibliophilia: A Love Story (my second favorite after my current name), The Bibliotaph, The Middle Grade Reading Project, Bookish Minis, The Cuddly Teapot, and now A Word and a Whisper. I like my name okay, but honestly it doesn’t say anything about me or my blog. I feel like it has no personality, and I chose it on a whim because I needed a name to start a blog, but I feel like it has no essence of who I am or what I want this blog to be.
  • I’ve always blogged about books. I vaguely considered trying to add some lifestyle-esque posts on one of my blogs (I believe it was The Cuddly Teapot) because I was reading a lot of that blog at the time, but as a whole, I know now that I will probably always be a book blogger of some kind. I like to blog about some personal things, but that I feel allows me an outlet and adds somewhat to the brand of the blog.
  • I’ve never taken branding seriously…but I think I should. When I first started blogging, I read a lot of posts about having a brand and a voice, and I never took them seriously because a lot of the book blogs I was reading honestly sounded really similar and I didn’t understand really what branding was. Now, I’d say it is somewhat important to have a “brand” or things people associate with you and your site. That’s one of the reasons I want to change my blog name to Cotton Candy Book Witch, because I feel like it fits me as a person and shows my personality and what I want this blog to be.
  • I just want the blog to reflect me more. I think we all have an image of who we’d want to be if the world were an ideal place, and for me my blog is becoming the place where I get to be who I wish I was. I want to be a pastel, witchy-bitchy bookworm. I am already some of those things, and I want a place to be myself and a blog name that reflects that.
  • I want my blog to be more creative. I’ve talked about wanting to write a lot on here, but until I get to that point, and even when I do, blogging is really my writing outlet and how I get to be creative and show my imagination. I think I want my blog to be a more creative and magical place for myself and my readers. One of the things I’m considering is adding my cats to my blog and having them help me write my book reviews. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I like to write about and what I post about most on social media, and the answer is books, funny/cute things my boyfriend says/does (he is very funny/cute), and my cats. Plus, I’ve been thinking about trying to get back into witchy things since that brought me joy, and this year I’m overall just trying to do things and find things that bring me joy. So writing about witchy things on the blog would be very motivational, making Cotton Candy Book Witch an even more fitting name.
  • I’ve found a place in the community. I think finding a community of blogging friends has really influenced my blogging and my life this time around. When I used to blog, I was too scared to talk to people, but I’ve realized that most bloggers are very sweet and want to talk about books and things, and there is a place for me on bookish social media. Starting to talk about the changes I want to make to my blog with everyone has been so helpful, and people are so supportive even if they like A Word and a Whisper better than Cotton Candy Book Witch, and I’m confident I won’t lose support or friends if I change my name or make major changes to how I blog. So thank you all <3 <3



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  1. Yaaay Cotton Candy Book Witch FTW! 😃 I really get what you’re saying about wanting to have a name that reflects who you are as a book blogger – I think this is very handy for branding as well. (Not that my name is at all descriptive.) I really like ‘The Cuddly Teapot’ as well. Perhaps it could be the witch’s mascotte or something? An object that comes to life fits the theme very well, I think.

    1. yeah, I thought Cotton Candy Book Witch would be good for branding as well. I feel like it brings to mind certain things so that could be helpful.

  2. Sounds like you’ve had quite a journey! I think it’s really important to regularly review where you’re at and make any necessary changes to keep your blog/website fresh. My first goal for 2019 was to update my “theme” (i.e. header image and blog post structure etc.) and I’m quite pleased with how it’s turned out. Best of luck for any upcoming changes!

  3. Best of luck for all of your changes, I am happy to hear you’re feeling like your new name will fit better, that’s so important. And I’m very excited for these new ideas you have, too, with your cats and witchy things, I’m certain that will be SO much fun and interesting, too <3 Best of luck for everything, Mel, I'll be following your journey as always <3

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