blogmas day 3: favorite covers of 2018

So, confession: as I was making this post, it became apparent that I…don’t have that many covers that I loved in 2018? There were good covers, but I feel like I’ve loved more covers in other years. But still, you were promised a favorite covers of 2018 post, so here are my favorite covers of the year:


Now, I hated this book, but I LOVE this cover. Sandhya Menon’s books always seem to get the cutest covers with smiling happy girls on them that make you want to love them. Even though I didn’t like Twinkle or her book, I will always love this cover.



THE BRIGHTSIDERS is one of my favorite books of the year, and the cover *might* contribute slightly. I immediately recognized that her hair on the cover is the colors of the bi pride flag, which I hoped was intentional, and IT WAS AND IT’S RELATED TO SOMETHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE BOOK because she dyes her hair the bi pride colors.



I’ve been debating trying to read this book again even though I found it extraordinarily upsetting because I got the OwlCrate edition and the cover is just so good and everyone else seems to love it. But seriously, that has to be the best cover to come out of this year. It is GORGEOUS and also purple, which is my favorite color.



I did not finish this because it was boring and just a novella but these covers for this series never disappoint. This is probably my second favorite cover in the series after ACOTAR itself.



I didn’t end up finishing this one either for reasons unknown but I had to pick this to be in the cover post because LOOK AT IT IT IS SO CUTE OMGGGGG. I need that jacket and also to be part of the undead girl gang (but preferably alive).

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  1. Amazing choices here! I love the cover of The brightsiders as well, it looks SO pretty and I am so in love with the Girls of Paper and Fire cover, too. I can’t wait to read that one 🙂

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