blogmas day 7: top 7 favorite posts of 2018

I am using today’s Blogmas post purely for shameless self-promotion. I started this blog this year back in late March, and I am very proud of what I have put forth so far. So, here for you today are 7 of my favorite posts that I wrote this past year!

  • my tarot reading of WARCROSS. I really loved writing this post and also reading WARCROSS. It was cool to do the tarot reading for it because the reading was actually pretty accurate to the book even though I obviously pulled the cards at random.
  • my post about what makes a book a favorite. I wrote this after reading WARCROSS and being surprised that I was thinking of it as a new favorite. Writing this post helped me see that a favorite book can be a lot of different things and doesn’t have to mean the same thing for every book.
  • I really like to complain sometimes about books (and a lot of things, tbh) so my post about book problems I was having earlier in the year was fun to write.
  • I was nervous to write about how book blogging has changed but also enjoyed it. It has been cool to reflect on how today’s book bloggers are different from bloggers I started with 5-6 years ago.
  • I found writing my post about my Instagram struggles very helpful and cathartic, plus people had many helpful things to say in the comments.
  • I don’t think this was one of my more popular posts, but I found it fun to muse about what I’d do if I didn’t blog about books. Some of these ideas still feel viable to me.
  • I honestly should’ve revisited my post about whether I wanted to continue my WIP before attempting NaNoWriMo for approximately two days last month. If I’d read it again, I probably would’ve realized that I didn’t really want to continue it.


and, as a bonus, a throwback to my first post!

  • I wrote about my fears of getting back into book blogging. I still really like this post and think it is still unfortunately relevant.

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