blogmas day 8: favorite debuts of 2018

Happy continuation of Blogmas! Woohoo! Today’s topic is going to be covering my favorite debuts of 2018.



  • Let’s Talk About Love | Claire Kann – I’m talking about this more in depth on another post for Bookending Winter, so I’ll keep this short. LET’S TALK ABOUT LOVE is fluffy and delightful, with nuanced queer & POC rep, plus great friendships, a cute romance, and family dynamics. This has been one of my favorite books from Swoon Reads thus far!
  • Sea Witch | Sarah Henning – This Little Mermaid Ursula origin story stole my WHOLE HEART. I shipped both romances so much, and was so intrigued by the magic aspect and the Danish setting since I’ve been to Denmark. This is a truly perfect fantasy and if you haven’t read it GET ON IT!!
  • To Kill a Kingdom | Alexandra Christo – This is a dark fantasy with plenty of blood and a slow burn romance to crush your heart. I loved Lira and Elian and the whole crew of the ship. All the characters were wonderful and that slow burnnnnnnn omgomgomg. I can’t wait to read more books from this author.



  • A Thousand Perfect Notes | C. G. Drews – OMG CAIT’S BOOK!!!! If you’re not following Cait, what are you even doing with your life? Plus, her book was so good! I was so nervous because what if I didn’t like it but that fortunately did not occur at all and now I love her even more. Her book is full of soft boys and sassy smol sisters and darkness but also romance and a touch of hope. Go read it!
  • Nice Try, Jane Sinner | Lianne Oelke – Why aren’t more people talking about this book? I don’t understand. I got to read a really early draft of this because of *secret things I can’t talk about* and I loved it even then and am so happy it was published. It’s about Jane Sinner, a snarky high school drop out who just had a suicide attempt and decides to go on a student-produced show to gain housing that’s kind of like Big Brother (apparently; I haven’t watched that show so I wouldn’t know). This book does AMAZING things for depression rep. I haven’t read a book that portrays my own thoughts and feelings about depression so accurately before. In my original review, I said if my depression had a voice, it would sound like Jane, and this book really verified and changed some of my own views on my depression.


Have you read any of these? What were some of your favorite debuts this year?



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  1. Such a great list! I loved To Kill A Kingdom and A Thousand Perfect Notes so much as well. I still have Jane Sinner on my TBR, yet I’ve been wondering why people aren’t talking about this. It sounds SO incredible from the synopsis only, I have a feeling I would love it. I’m so happy you liked it so much! <3

  2. cait’s book was so good and omg im so proud of her for publishing a book😭😭😭 what an icon
    JANE SINNER NEEDS SO MUCH MORE HYPE, its such a great book and the depression rep was so well done and it somehow managed to be hilarious at the same time, how did it do it all??

    1. yes I will read basically everything she writes now it’s so cool to see a fellow blogger get published <3
      and omg I so agree with you about Jane Sinner!! that book is everything

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