blogmas & tidyathon announcement!!

HELLO and welcome to ALMOST DECEMBER!! I am looking forward to November being over for many reasons, mainly because it was a totally blah month where I felt really sleepy all the time, but also because December is holiday month! I used to celebrate both Hannukah and Christmas as a child, but as an adult I have not done that yet until this year, as my boyfriend is Jewish also and celebrates it. So double holidays should be fun.

Anyway, I am also excited for December because I have decided to participate in two blogging events, namely Blogmas and Tidyathon. Blogmas is just some festive holiday/New Years-y posts throughout the month, and I have about 10 planned right now but am in need of some inspiration for more posts for the month.

Here are some of the posts I hope to write this month:

  • books I wouldn’t mind getting for Christmas
  • favorite series/sequels of 2018
  • favorite books of 2018
  • most disappointing books of 2018
  • favorite blog posts of 2018
  • best new-to-me authors of 2018
  • books I want to read before 2019
  • predicted 5-star reads of 2019
  • witchy ways to celebrate winter
  • a wintery tarot reading of some sort
  • holiday season tbr

Tidyathon is an event hosted by Book Dragons to encourage bloggers to tidy up their blogs and Goodreads. I would like to participate, but am a little unsure of what to do for it at the moment. I do want to…

  • crosspost the few reviews I’ve written on the blog to Goodreads
  • clean up my GR shelves and make sure everything is on the proper shelf.
  • get rid of multiple editions of books on GR
  • cull my TBR
  • update my about me page
  • add a contact me page??

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  1. That sounds like an ambitious list! I’m personally most looking forward to your witchy ways to celebrate winter :D. Good luck!

    p.s. I’m doing the Tidyathon too! Yay, samezies 🙂

    1. yes yes samezies <3 and I hope it won't be too too ambitious for me. Usually I have a lot of time to blog while I'm on desk at work or on breaks so I think I'll probably be able to do it.

      and thank you! I am looking forward to writing that post! I might do a whole post about yule/winter solstice as well since that's the big pagan holiday this season 🙂

    1. thank you! I will look forward to reading your posts also 🙂 tbh I’m having a little trouble coming up with enough topics, though I’m also doing Bookendings winter event, so that should help

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