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There are many “paths” or specialties that one can take as a witch. Some people don’t have a path or refer to themselves as an “eclectic” witch, but others do choose a particular field of witchcraft to study and practice. Today I’ll be trying out a new feature that is basically recs based on your witch path. For this first one, I’ll be talking about book recs for sea witches.

first, a little bit about you if you think you might be a sea witch:

  • you’re fascinated by the uses of water in magic, like sun water and moon water
  • you’re interested in ocean life (yay, seahorses!!)
  • you feel a connection to the tides
  • you want to use water plants in potions and spells
  • you feel a connection to ocean gods and goddesses
  • you love sea shells and sand dollars
  • you love beachcombing
  • you feel at peace near the ocean and other bodies of water (lakes, ponds, streams, rivers)


now for some book recs!!


to kill a kingdom by alexandra christo

aka the book of my heart <3 <3 <3

I love this book so much I can’t even tell you. This is one of the rare times where I would’ve been okay with a surprise sequel because I loved it so much even though I don’t do series. This book is all kinds of dark and romantic, like Gothic Ocean or something. Gothic Ocean is totally a genre, right?

Anyway, this book is about Lira, a siren princess, who has cut out the hearts of 17 princes so far. It’s also about Elian, a prince whose people have been devastated by sirens so he basically is a pirate who kills sirens. Lira gets kicked out of her siren kingdom and turned into a human by her mother the sea queen when she accidentally kills one of their own, and has to bring her Elian’s heart in order to gain entry back into her kingdom.

This book is full of a bit of gore (I mean she cuts out the hearts and keeps them in her ocean bedroom), pirate goodness, and a super slow burn, hate to love romance that kept me guessing and shipping all the way. I absolutely loved this book and can’t wait to read Alexandra Christo’s next release, INTO THE CROOKED PLACE.



sea witch by sarah henning

I also super loved this book and am absolutely psyched for the sequel, SEA WITCH RISING, even though I will for sure have to reread SEA WITCH because I did not anticipate there would be a sequel and did not store much of the plot in my brain.

I mean, obviously I had to have a book that was literally called SEA WITCH on my book rec list for sea witches right? Anyway…

This book was pitched as a Little Mermaid retelling but was actually an Ursula origin story, which imo was way cooler. Evie’s family are low key witches, which she hides for most of the book. When she was little, her best friend Anna drowned. In the book, a mysterious girl named Annamiette shows up and Evie thinks it’s her lost friend returned to her, so she befriends Annamiette and tries to help her with her own curse, even if it means sacrificing everything she loves.

I was so into this book and the friendship and especially the romance(s). I loved this outcast witch story and am really excited to reread it and refresh my memory in preparation for SEA WITCH RISING.



house of salt and sorrows | erin a. craig | august 6, 2019

I haven’t read this one yet but it’s an upcoming release that I’m really excited for. It is set in a mysterious manor by the sea and is about twelve sisters whose family is cursed. Four of Annaleigh’s sisters have died mysteriously and tragically, and she sets out to investigate when she starts to suspect that the deaths weren’t accidents. But, as she gets more tangled up in the mystery, she has to save herself as well.

Again, this sounds super Ocean Gothic and I am HERE FOR IT. Atmospheric mansion? Check. Dark seaside setting? Check, check. Murder and dancing? Also double check. I have very high hopes for this one and can’t wait to start reading my ARC of it!!


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