bookending spring: begin again

Today I’ll be sharing my Bookending Spring post based on the prompt Begin Again. This week’s Bookending Spring posts are hosted by Isabelle @ Nine Tale Vixen. For Begin Again, share how what you would do differently when starting your blog/bookstagram/other social media channel and tips for new bloggers.


how i’d bookstagram differently

I have often written about my struggles with bookstagram, but seem to be getting the hang of it now with my new account, Bitter Melon Books. So here are some things I would do differently if I started my bookstagram for the two millionth time:

  • I wouldn’t connect my account to my blog directly. I think a lot of people would disagree with me about this, but for me, removing the association with my blog and just starting fresh really helped me realize what I wanted to do with the account and freed up what my aesthetic could be.
  • I’d pick a theme that is easily maintainable. I think this was the major problem with the themes I tried using in the past. I often picked stuff that relied on certain lighting, and I don’t have any photography experience, so maintaining the same settings for each photo was hard for me when I tried different themes.
  • I’d worry less about props. The accounts I followed when I first started being interested in bookstagram definitely made me feel like I had to have stuff like daggers and sprigs of baby’s breath to be successful, but I have now found accounts that focus more on the books and vibe of the photo vs props, and I have realized I can bookstagram without all the fancy stuff.


tips for new bloggers

Since I only just started having a consistent bookstagram, I don’t feel qualified to offer tips to new bookstagrammers, so for the second part of this post I will be imparting my blogging wisdom to newbie bloggers instead. Here are my tips:

  • Interact! Interact! Interact! Interacting with other bloggers both in comments on my blog and other blogs, as well as on other social media channels like Twitter, has made my blogging experience exponentially better. I spent an embarrassingly long portion of my blogging career not talking to other bloggers, and it was lonely and also I didn’t get as much engagement on my own posts.
  • Don’t be intimidated by people who you admire or think of as a “celebrity” blogger…because honestly, people in the blogging community today are all super nice! I’m really glad I’ve gotten over thinking of certain bloggers as “celebrity” bloggers because it’s made me more confident when interacting with people online and I’ve made a lot more friends.
  • Don’t feel like you have to do every social media channel. This is honestly something I still struggle with, because I feel like I need to be doing the latest cool thing all the time. It’s important to stick with social media channels you’re actually interested in using and are passionate about. It’s totally okay to try stuff that’s new to you, but you don’t have to do something just because it’s popular or cool if it’s not your thing.
  • Think about your other interests when creating your ‘niche’. This is something I wish I’d done earlier on. I think it’s really hard for a new blogger to know what their niche is going to be before they start, but once I started thinking about how to incorporate my major non-bookish interest, witchcraft, into my posts, it got a lot easier to create a niche and brand for myself.
  • Create a blogging schedule that’s reasonable for you. And acknowledge that what that means may change over time! I’ve definitely gone through phases of blogging less and then blogging a ton again, but it’s all about finding what you can maintain and enjoy doing.


If you’re interested in what the other prompts are and participating in Bookending Spring, check out this post.




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