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It’s day 3 of Bout of Books, a week-long read-a-thon hosted here. It’s a week-long read-a-thon challenge hosted from May 14-May 20. Here’s my progress for yesterday, day 4:


Currently Reading


Progress: 34%

I plan to finish this book today, either at work since it’s usually slow in the mornings, or tonight with brownies as my reading snack! I’m liking this a little better, but I’m already predicting the romance and don’t totally ship it, and still find it predictable. Still, I think teens would like it and it is something I’d recommend to them.


Daily Challenge: Space Scavenger Hunt

Today’s prompt is basically a book tag, which we all know I love, though it’s based on the planets. Here are my answers for this challenge:

Mercury // favorite novella/short story

Honestly, I don’t do novellas and I kind of hate them, so this one is hard. My favorite shorts story writer is probably Flannery O’Connor, who writes very dark southern Gothic fiction.

Venus // favorite book with a female protagonist

This is so hard because all my favorite books have a female protagonist and so much of YA has female protagonists anyway! For today, I’m going to go with Lyra from┬áTHE GOLDEN COMPASS, which was one of my most favorite books as a kid.


Earth // favorite book about nature/with nature word in the title

I’m going to go a little dark on this one and say THE LIFEBOAT CLIQUE, which is about a group of teens who has to survive on a raft after a tsunami hits. That’s nature, right? But it also has friendship and overcoming your biases toward people, so there’s that, too.


Mars // favorite book with a red cover

INKHEART by Cornelia Funke takes the cake for this one. Who wouldn’t want the power to read characters out of books while reading aloud?


Jupiter // favorite tome over 500 pages

GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE for sure! I don’t tend to read books over 500 pages (or even 400, tbh), but this one felt too short because it was so excellent!


Saturn // favorite book with a circle/ring on the cover or in the title

I can’t think of any for this one??


Uranus // favorite book set in winter

I can only think of a least favorite book set in winter, which would be THE VANISHING SEASON by Jodi Lynn Anderson. I really disliked that book even though everyone else loved it. I thought the characters were boring and the plot was uninteresting, and the ending = TERRIBLE.


Neptune // favorite book set at sea

This one is actually easy because I recently read it! TO KILL A KINGDOM definitely wins this category. It’s narrated by a siren princess and a prince who hunts sirens for a living. There’s banter, hate-to-love, slow-burn af romance, and violence and magic.


Sun // favorite book set in the summer

I skipped a couple prompts because I had no idea what to do for them, so here we are at the sun. Anyway, I’d probably go with NANTUCKET BLUE since it’s the first one that came to mind. I love the romance in that book and just found it so magically summery.



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  1. Awesome you’ve already done it! I struggled with nature to. I had mostly YA but reverted to a classic for this one.

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