bout of books update: day 1 progress


Bout of Books is finally here! Plus, now that I have a blog again, I can actually do it and write about it! Usually when I do Bout of Books, I have a specific goal of how many books to read, but this time, my goal is mainly to just read as much as possible. I’m hoping to knock a few of my shorter books off of my TBR list this week, so we’ll see how that goes.

Anyway, here’s my progress for yesterday, day 1 of Bout of Books:

Currently Reading


This book is magical realism about a town where all the girls have special gifts. Hopefully it’ll be an enjoyable, magical read!

Books Read


10 THINGS was one of my most anticipated reads from last year that I never got around to. I’m so glad I read it though because I really, really liked it. It has queer rep and anxiety rep and does the anxiety part very well. I loved the relationships in the book, especially Maeve’s relationship with her stepmom, Claire, because I feel like that’s a relationship we rarely see in YA being positive. I also liked the short, almost vignette-feeling chapters. The way it was written made it quick and easy to read and manageable where the anxiety stuff was concerned, because I think it could’ve been overwhelming, but wasn’t. I definitely recommend this one!


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