december goals

This will probably be another shorter goals post because I’m just not in the mood to make goals? But I do want to recap my November goals, so we’re still doing this.


november goals

  • Work on being more positive.              !!                I actually did this!!
  • Practice using my coping skills.                   !!             I definitely did this!
  • Read NINTH HOUSE.                  X           I did not do this because I was not in the mood. Also the fact that it’s apparently a series is kind of putting me off? I can’t decide if I should just wait until the next one comes out or they all come out.
  • Start learning ukulele.           !X              Does learning three chords count?
  • Read both books I got from Book of the Month.       X      Did not do this, the curse of being a mood reader strikes again.
  • Blog hop more.         !!           I didn’t do this as much as I’d like but I did actually do it a couple of times so I’m counting it.
  • Look into my grimoire business idea.           X!         I sort of did this, but then I went back to work and had no energy to do anything other than work.



december goals

  • Eat out less. Right now, I’m probably eating out for meals 5-6 times per week, and as you can imagine, that eats up pretty much my entire budget. I realized I want to have money to do other things and most importantly to save money for the future, so I want to cook more and eat out less.
  • Get back into getting steps. I used to walk almost every day before my depression got super serious, but the past couple of days I’ve felt motivated to try getting 10,000 steps per day again! Getting my steps used to really relax me and give me a sense of accomplishment, so I’d like to get back into doing that.
  • Read what I’m in the mood for and when I’m in the mood. I really want to get better at not feeling guilty for what I want to read or how much or little I want to read. I also want to feel like I can read books that I’m in the mood for even if they’re coming out in July 2020 just because I want to and not worry about reading them too soon. Overall, I want to feel less worried and stressed about reading.
  • Blog hop more. I want to catch up on everyone’s posts!
  • Make reasonable goals for 2020. For the past few years, I’ve been super excited to make goals every new year even though I almost NEVER follow them. This year though, I want to do something a little different and make goals that are actually achievable and will enhance my quality of life even if they’re small.

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  1. I need to mood read more this month. I haven’t been into the books I scheduled on my TBR. Good luck!

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