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Did December just fly by for anyone else? I honestly don’t know where this month went or mostly what I did during it. I think I was just so busy at work and the holidays happened that it all just feels like a blur, and now…it’s basically the end of a whole DECADE. Like…what????


what happened

  • Honestly what did even happen?
  • I went to work and did a lot of stuff there.
  • yeah basically I Went to Work.
  • OH WAIT I came out on Facebook. Totally forgot that happened already. I decided I want to be known in my personal life as Mel and wrote what I thought was a very succinct post on my gender identity. So far everyone has been super respectful about it and all my friends and especially family are trying their best. Shout out to my parents who are trying so hard to use my new name and pronouns <3 <3 My next step is to come out at work and I’m feeling a lot less nervous about it based on people’s responses so far.
  • I made goals for the new year. I tried to focus on reasonable, attainable goals that wouldn’t involve drastically changing different parts of myself or my body. I think I did a pretty good job with that. I also had a lot more positive goals where my career was concerned. If you’re interested, click here for my reading & blogging goals of 2020 and here for my personal/other goals.
  • I went home for the holidays. I visited my boyfriend’s parents for Hannukah and my parents for Christmas. I got very delicious latkes and also very delicious roast beef. My uncle was there too, and he even used my preferred name and I was super pleasantly surprised. My mom even got me a bunch of stuff from my witchy wish list, and I now have a new tarot deck and the Spirit Cats oracle deck. I just felt so accepted and loved and it was really nice to go home.
  • I bought a car?!?!?! I did a Very Adult Thing and got a new car. My old car is about 18 years old and on its last legs, so it was definitely time to get a new car. I just knew if I kept pouring money into maintenance on a car I knew I wasn’t going to keep that I wouldn’t be happy, so I made the decision to get a new one!


what i read

This was another extremely light reading month and I only read two books. Technically, I only read one new books, because THE HAZEL WOOD was a reread/reskim, and that was just so I could read THE NIGHT COUNTRY because I didn’t quite remember how everything had ended up going down in the first book. I enjoyed rereading THW, but was disappointed in THE NIGHT COUNTRY and found it lackluster, which was sad because it was one of my most anticipated reads.

I also started quite a few books after THE NIGHT COUNTRY, but really couldn’t decide what I was in the mood for, but am now reading SONG OF THE CRIMSON FLOWER by the illustrious Julie C. Dao, who wrote one of my all-time favorite books, FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS. It was also one of my three Book of the Month picks for December, and I really need to catch up on those because I already have 5 and have read approximately 0 of them and my subscription just renewed for January *screams with anxiety**


blogging life

I also did something super exciting in December on the blog, which was my announcement of the readathon I am hosting for all of 2020, the HERE & QUEERATHON, which you can read more about and find the sign up form here. It is a readathon focusing on reading books written by queer authors. I thought about doing just books with queer representation, but since I’m including backlist titles for this challenge, I realized that could allow people to to read a lot of really problematic and triggering books (think LUNA), which would defeat the purpose of the challenge. So, I decided just to focus on books written by queer authors. Additionally, I really wanted to focus on lifting up queer voices, especially after the J. K. Rowling drama that recently unfolded, and I think it’s really important to lift up queer voices in general.


around the blogosphere

I actually blog hopped this month, which means I can feature all your cool posts! Woohoo!

  • Vanessa wrote a post I really relate to as a fellow non-romance reader about why she likes romances
  • Kay wrote a rant review of I BELIEVE IN A THING CALLED LOVE that I really enjoyed reading despite my love of the book
  • Rebecca wrote a helpful list of 7 romances she can’t wait for in 2020
  • Caro announced the Out of Your Comfort Zone reading challenge
  • Elizabeth compared her expectations of her most anticipated 2019 reads to how she actually felt about them
  • Kal posted her magical Book Blogger Spreadsheet for 2020


my favorite posts from the blog

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