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It’s that time again for another Dewey’s 24hr Readathon! This is a (mostly) yearly readathon that takes place in October over a 24hr period. This month’s readathon is from 8:00am October 20-8:00am October 21! I know I literally just wrote a post about how I maybe don’t like 24hr reading events because they’re too much pressure, but I kinda want to try this one again because it’s my favorite one and I actually have the weekend off so I can do it!

Here are my plans for this readathon:

  • Read WILDCARD and LADY’S GUIDE. Or most of one of them. I have been meaning to read my ARCs of these for so long and now they’re out so I really need to read them.
  • Try not to put too much pressure on myself. I always psyche myself out and think I’m not going to be able to stay up all night so I shouldn’t even try doing the readathon, but *hopefully* I can put that aside this time and just try to enjoy it.
  • Schedule my reading time. I’ve been experimenting vaguely with scheduling things in general, such as what the heck to do over weekends, so I think perhaps scheduling what time blocks I’m going to be reading for will help.
  • Snacks. I might make sugar cookies again this weekend, but I also got a super cute cookbook with a lot of great desserts so I may try one from that. I also have a little pepperoni platter that I get for special occasions at my grocery store with goat cheese and crackers so I might do that.
  • Take breaks. I will definitely try to schedule in reading breaks over the weekend in which to do other things, like move around or journal. I don’t *have* to read a whole 24 hrs, just read a lot during that period.
  • Try to enjoy it.Β Again, instead of putting so much pressure on myself to read straight through or beat myself up if I can’t stay up all night. Just do the best I can and read as much as I want or don’t want.

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  1. Best of luck for this readathon! I’m not a fan of the pressure coming with readathons so I tend not to try them out ahah. I hope you’ll love the books you’ll read πŸ˜€

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