february rewind \\ where did it go

January felt like it took 18 years and February…where did this month even go? I know it’s already a slightly shorter month but it just felt…extra short? Was it just me? Am I crazy? The world may never know. On to the wrap up!


what happened

  • Honestly nothing of note. I’m finding it hard to remember what happened during the month now that I haven’t been putting weekly happenings as part of my Sunday Post posts (except for last week). But also maybe it’s because nothing really occurred?
  • I continued being stressed about work. I’m just ridiculously stressed about my job still and coworkers and programs and displays and just. Why is this my life.
  • I joined Bumble BFF. I tried Bumble the dating app a few years ago and was intrigued when I heard it had a BFF version for making friends. I have talked to a couple people on it and am hoping to make at least a couple new friends out of it because I have realized that
  • I’ve been super lonely. I think it’s partially because I miss my college friends that I’m no longer friends with, but also because of gender stuff and generally feeling like I don’t have anyone to talk to outside of my one or two work friends. I just feel very isolated and like I can’t talk to anyone outside my family.
  • I decided to go to Book Expo again this year. If I’m approved for funding again through my library system, then I will definitely go. I think I’ll have a better time this year because I’m planning to go for only one and a half days and I’ll be familiar with taking the train, which was the most stressful aspect for me other than getting around in NY, which still wasn’t too bad because I didn’t go anywhere where I couldn’t just walk there. But I’ll probably stay at the same hotel, so I’ll know how to get there and how to get to Javits from there.


what i read

I didn’t do much reading this month, as is my pattern for February. I don’t know why, but whenever February hits, things get crazy and my reading life suffers. My goal was to read over 3 books this month, but that did not occur. Best book was THE DEVOURING GRAY with all the magic and witchyness and disaster bis. Most disappointing was WE SET THE DARK ON FIRE because I found it predictable and did not ship the gays.


blogging life

I’ve been thinking a lot this month about where I’m at now with this blog and what I originally wanted to blog about. When I first transferred over to Cotton Candy Book Witch, obviously I thought my focus would be more around witchcraft-related things. I had also wanted to write more about books about witchcraft and highlight fantasy books or other fiction with magical elements and keep things very branded. Right now, I feel like I’m definitely not blogging about consistently themed things and blog about a mishmash of book genres and occasionally witchy stuff.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with not having a niche, but for some reason I’ve just been thinking a lot about what I originally wanted my blog to be and being a little sad that it’s not that and is kind of a mishmash of a bunch of unrelated things. I would like to be known for blogging about a particular thing, but then I’d have to change my reading habits a bit too, perhaps.

On a semi-related note, I’ve kind of been thinking about taking another blogging hiatus. Or at least consciously trying to post less. I just don’t feel inspired and feel a bit burnt out. I’m also growing tired by all the book community drama that seems to happen every week, but it feels impossible to curate my Twitter because some people comment about only some of the drama so I don’t know who to mute. However, I do get some engagement on Twitter and have friends who I talk to on it, so I don’t know.

I also started a new bookstagram based on my new Tumblr because my old bookstagram that’s the same username as my blog is a HOT MESS. But I seem to have finally found an aesthetic on the new bookstagram.

Basically I’ve just been thinking a lot about the kind of content I want to be producing and where the best place is to write it. I have a lot more thoughts about this but this section is already too long so just be aware: possible hiatus in the near future.


around the blogosphere

  • Charvi posted the first in a new feature, Read the Rainbow
  • Kate wrote about creating her 2020 tbr jar
  • Sam posted about things she learned during a book buying ban
  • Charlotte & Anna made a list of amazing books by QPOC
  • Veronika created a list of excellent hate to love romances, aka The Best Trope
  • Clara created aesthetics for her favorite Disney movies
  • Emmie listed great books to read for Valentine’s day if you don’t want to read romance
  • Elara wrote a wonderful post about casting spells that work
  • Cam talked about how to create a healthy blogging mindset



  • Kesha’s new album. It came out on January 31 so I’m counting it as a February favorite. I was so pumped for this album and was not disappointed. I didn’t even stan Kesha until her last album, which really surprised me (in a good way). My favorite song off High Road is definitely Raising Hell. For some reason I really relate it to coming out of depression so it means a lot to me in addition to being super fun.
  • Manifest. I finally started watching a non-reality TV show that I discovered via Hulu. Manifest is basically Lost x The 4400 about a plane that takes off in 2013, but when it lands, it’s been 5 years later for everyone else and they’ve all been missing even though for the passengers they haven’t age and no time has passed (except the duration of the flight). It’s really weird and kind of feel-good-y but I’m enjoying it.
  • the Mystic Mondays tarot app. I used to use the Kawaii Tarot app because that deck has been super accurate for me, but I found that it skewed too positive and wasn’t as accurate as the physical deck, so I decided to try a new app for a daily tarot draw. I was really excited when I saw Mystic Mondays had an app, because I’ve been eyeing that deck for quite some time. The Mystic Mondays app is almost as accurate as my physical Kawaii Tarot deck, so I am very pleased with that outcome.

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