ghost squad week: how to protect yourself against spirits


For today’s GHOST SQUAD Week post, I’ll be sharing some protection methods you can use if you’re interested in doing spirit work. However, before we begin, I am going to say that if you are really scared of doing spirit work and worried about attracting a malicious spirit, YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO SPIRIT WORK! Though in GHOST SQUAD, Lucely and Syd accidentally summon a spirit, from what I’ve gathered from my research on spirit work, this is unusual and unlikely to happen when just doing normal spells.


However, if you are interested in working with spirits, there are ways you can protect yourself from them:

  • Cast a salt circle. One of the earliest things I learned in my witchcraft journey is that salt is good for EVERYTHING and is one of the most basic protection materials out there. Salt circles can be used to contain energies and also to protect from outside forces while you cast. Methods of casting a salt circle vary based on tradition.
  • Set up protection wards. This can also be simple, such as chanting a protection incantation at the corners of your home.
  • Sigils. Sigils are symbols made from a phrase or word that has to do with your intent. The shapes in the sigil come from the shapes used in the letters in your word or phrase, like in this protection sigil for a grimoire that I found on the internets below.


  • Use protection amulets or crystals. Crystals are something I use a lot in my craft so I can definitely vouch for their usefulness. There are a million crystals that protect against various things, and what you’ll use probably depends on the spell you’re casting or what kind of interaction you hope to have with a spirit.


Those are just a few methods to protect yourself during spirit work. It is also important to protect yourself during regular spellwork too, because you never know what energies may come back at you if you are a witch who believes the magic you put into the world comes back upon you. Protecting yourself when working with energies is a good idea anyway, so hopefully this post will be useful for witches who don’t do spirit work as well.


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