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Something I find really fascinating about witchcraft is that there are a lot of different “paths” you can take. Each “path” has a type of “magic” that they focus on, like a green witch, who focuses on plant things, or a kitchen witch, who focuses on magic in the home. I’ve seen literary witchcraft mentioned very vaguely in some people’s huge masterlists of types of witchcraft, but it seems to be a super niche thing and not really mainstream. So, I have compiled a list of ideas for those who might be into the literary or scholarly side of witchy things like I probably am.

  • Host an informational blog. There are actually a TON of witchy blogs on Tumblr, which is how I discovered witchy stuff in the first place, since I read it was becoming popular there. I have a witch-specific Tumblr as well, where I repost a lot of tips and informational stuff about witchcraft.
  • Write your own spells. Not all spells in witchcraft have words, but some do, so writing your own spells is definitely something literary/witchy to do.
  • Write review posts of witchy books. I would love to do this more on this blog, actually, but it’s hard for me to sift through all the witchy books out there and find ones that I think are good and useful. Plus, a lot of them are not…pretty? So that bugs me even though I know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover blah blah. But if someone were to make a review blog of books about different aspects of witchcraft, 10/10 would follow.
  • Make booklists of witchy books. This could be either for nonfiction witchy books about tarot, crystals, etc, or even about fictional books that just feature witches. I am planning to start making a lot of these as the blog transitions to more witchy things.
  • Write spells based on poetry. I like this idea because I generally find reading poetry to be a magical and inspirational thing. I also feel like it would probably easy to transfer a poem into a spell, especially ones that rhyme even though that kind of poetry is my least favorite (looking at you, Lang Leav).
  • Read and post about witch history. I would def like to do more of this. Witches aren’t just a western culture thing, and lots of cultures have witches in some form. I would be fascinated to read about how witchcraft has evolved in different cultures, etc.
  • Keep a physical grimoire. Smol info dump: a grimoire is basically a witch’s journal, where we keep spells, information, general witch-related journaling, and other things. I personally like the idea of both a physical and digital grimoire, since with the physical one I could make it pretty and with a digital one I could organize it more easily.
  • Post pages from your grimoire. I do this sometimes on my witchblr, but I’d like to do it on my Instagram to as I try to find a pastel, cotton candy witch-y aesthetic. I’m actually part of a bullet journaling for witches group on Facebook, and people often post things like their moon phase spreads and herb/crystal correspondences and similar pages, and it’s so cool to see what everyone puts in their journals. Also, you’d think that bullet journaling witches would be a really niche thing, but the group actually has almost 6,000 members, which I think is pretty cool.

I should also mention that there is definitely no “right” or “wrong” way to be any specific path of witch (even though some people of course would like you to think there is). But it can be nice to have some guidance of a place to start, so that is my intention when sharing any info on witch types.

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  1. i love the whole concept of a literary witch (and all different other kind of witches) because i’ve always been fascinated with them in general! the aesthetics and possibilities are endless and i really adore that. i would 10/10 take part in a theme week if you ever think about doing/starting one (no pressure, tho!) because this is so so lovely. I will definitely think about doing a few booklists about witches/witchy things. Thank you for this!! Super interesting! <3

    1. I’ve thought about doing more witch types posts since I did a tech witch one on my tumblr. I’ve been a little worried about doing too much witchy stuff though since I don’t know how much people who read my blog would actually find it interesting? though I guess what matters most is that I find it interesting. But thank you so much for your encouragement, especially on this post, it was so much fun to write 🙂

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