it’s in the stars: mercury in retrograde

Is it wrong that I’ve been hoping Mercury would go into retrograde since I did my first It’s In the Stars post so I could do a post recommending Mercury in retrograde books? Yes, yes it is, because DAMN, Mercury in retrograde SUCKS. Everyone feels out of whack, everything goes wrong, and usually it’s a straight cosmic disaster. Mercury in retrograde is a time rife with misunderstandings and miscommunications, technology glitches, travel delays, and all sorts of bad things that generally make life unpleasant, so it’s a good time to batten the hatches and close up shop and hide yourself away with a good book.

Today’s It’s in the Stars post will focus on book recs for upcoming books and recent releases that deal with some of the problems that Mercury being in retrograde can cause, so buckle up, because Mercury went into retrograde yesterday!




the right swipe | alisha rai | August 6, 2019

This book is just full of misunderstandings, but the main one happens before the book even starts. Rhiannon Hunter is upset when she runs into Samson Lima again at an industry event (Rhiannon runs a dating app called Crush and Samson is the spokesperson for Matchmaker) because of the time they had a one night stand, made plans to see each other again, and then he stood her up. Samson is still super into Rhi when they meet again, but feels bad because he forgot about their date because his uncle’s health started seriously failing right before his subsequent death and he couldn’t contact her when she deleted him from the app. Being stood up obviously doesn’t let Rhi warm up to him right away again when they meet for the second time, and she spends a lot of the book not really trusting him even when she finds out why he stood her up in the first place.

If you want to know more about why I loved this book so much, you should definitely check out my review.



happy messy scary love | leah konen | may 14, 2019

In this book, horror movie buff Olivia connects online with another film nerd Elm, but when he asks her for a picture of herself, she sends a photo of her beautiful best friend instead. They run into each other over the summer later on, but he doesn’t know who she is. This case of mistaken identity (and, tbh, catfishing, let’s be real) would definitely be a good pick for Mercury in retrograde, though since I haven’t read this one yet, I can’t tell you if it’s actually good or not.


technology glitches


WARCROSS immediately came to mind for this Mercury in retrograde problem. Emika Chen, a bounty hunter struggling to get by in a futuristic world, glitches herself into the virtual reality game Warcross and is then hired by its creator to help with a security issue.

I seriously cannot tell you how obsessed I still am with this book even though I read it last year. I was so not expecting to love WARCROSS because sci-fi and thrillers are not really my thing, but I was unexpectedly hooked and absolutely loved everything about this story, especially Emika’s character and the futuristic Tokyo setting. I didn’t like its sequel, WILDCARD quite as much, but honestly, WARCROSS is a really hard act to follow because it’s so fantastic. Definitely 110/100 recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

Check out my gushing review here.


how to hack a heartbreak | kristin rockaway | july 30, 2019

I also immediately thought of a romance that’s been on my TBR for a while that I seriously need to read my eARC of called HOW TO HACK A HEARTBREAK. It’s about Mel Strickland, a woman who works at a company that trains the next wave of startup geniuses, who she calls “brogrammers.” Frustrated with her job and with the dating scene, she codes her own dating app, JerkAlert, that goes viral overnight. The problem is, the guy she likes at her job doesn’t know she’s the brains behind JerkAlert…

This book sounds super nerdy and fun and I am just all over it. Can’t wait to read this one.


travel delays


field notes on love | jennifer e. smith | march 5, 2019

The book that came to mind for travel for me was this one, Jennifer E. Smith’s latest novel, FIELD NOTES ON LOVE. The premise for this one is that it’s about a teen boy who’s a celebrity because of his mom’s mommy blog and how he goes on a train trip across the US with a girl he doesn’t know because he had to find someone with his ex-girlfriend’s name because the tickets he’d bought for her were nonrefundable and nontransferable. It’s a cute story about love and finding out who you are and would definitely take some of the heat off of Mercury in retrograde times.


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