It’s Pride: 2018 Queer Books on my TBR

As one of my June goals, I decided I wanted to do at least one post per week related to queer things because it’s June and therefore it’s LGBT PRIDE MONTH!!! I think it’s important to celebrate being queer and the struggles queer people go through, and also to celebrate books that deal with queer themes and characters. So, I have decided to make a weekly feature throughout the week called “IT’S PRIDE.” Feel free to do this feature on your own blog and link back to me if you want to participate 🙂

For today’s post, I’m going to be gushing over 2018 releases with LGBT+ characters and themes that I haven’t read yet.

  • Pulp | Robin Talley – I read Robin Talley’s AS I DESCENDED last year and really liked the writing, so I’m excited to try another book by her. This is a dual POV book, with one perspective from a girl who’s doing a project on 1950s lesbian pulp fiction, and the other on a girl who wrote it and had to hide her love with her best friend. I’m curious to see how the stories intertwine, and to learn more about lesbian pulp fiction from the 1950s!
  • The Summer of Jordi Perez | Amy Spalding – I can’t believe I haven’t read this book yet. It’s about a gay fat girl who loves fashion, and really, what could be better than that? There will be lots of fashion, plus competition with the girl she’s kissing to win a job at the boutique where they’re both interning. It sounds like such a fun read and I really need to get to it soon.
  • What if it’s Us | Becky Albertalli & Adam Silvera – I have mixed emotions about this one, to be honest. I LOVED Simon Vs., but haven’t liked another Becky Albertalli book since then. I haven’t really liked any of Adam Silvera’s books, even though I tried really hard to. Still, I have some hopes that this one will somehow turn out to be good?


  • Jack of Hearts (and other parts) | L. C. Rosen – I am SO excited for this one and so so happy I got an ARC from Little, Brown. JACK OF HEARTS is about a sexually active gay teen who writes a sex advice column who has to find out who is trying to blackmail him back into the closet. It sounds like perfect gay fluff and I am so here for it!
  • Ship It | Britta Lundin – I’ve read mixed reviews of this so far, so I’m not sure if I’m going to end up reading it or not. It’s about queerdom and fandom, which could be a fun combination, but a lot of people have said they didn’t like the MC, so we’ll see how it goes I guess.
  • Seafire | Natalie C. Parker – This is the first non-contemp on the list! SEAFIRE is about an all-girls pirate ship out for revenge. I didn’t know it was LGBT until I was making this list and saw it tagged that way on Goodreads. I can’t tell from the synopsis how it’s queer, but I mean a ship of lady pirates obviously has to be a little queer 😉


  • Blanca & Roja | Anna-Marie McLemore – I can’t believe I haven’t read a book by this author yet. Everyone on the book Internet seems to love her, and her books are all very queer. I am very excited to try out her next book, which is a Snow White retelling! Retellings are totally my jam.
  • Sawkill Girls | Claire LeGrand – How is she publishing two books in the same year queen??? Anyway. This is a horror-y book that’s atmospheric and creepy and has girls and girls kissing girls and angry girls (according to the author’s twitter). Super psyched for this one.
  • These Rebel Waves | Sara Raasch – People keep saying this one has gay pirates but I can’t tell from the synopsis where that’s coming from? But the entire Goodreads feed is of people commenting “gay pirates!!!!” so maybe I’m just blind? But hopefully it will be good!

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  1. Happy Pride! I really love this new weekly feature and I’m very much looking forward to seeing more posts 😍 Somehow I haven’t heard anyone talking about Seafire, but it sounds so good 😍

    1. Thank you! I’m looking forward to writing them 😀 I am very curious about Seafire. I don’t usually go for pirate books, but queer lady pirates? Yes, please!

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