It’s Pride! queer YA wishlist

As I’ve discussed on some other posts, I myself am a sometimes-writer (aka I write a lot and very diligently for a month, give up halfway through, and don’t write again for another year. Anyway). This means I think even more about what I want in books than if I didn’t write, or at least I think I do. I have a lot of things I’d like to see in queer YA novels, and though I could write some of them if I really set my mind to it in all likelihood, there are certainly others I don’t feel I would be the best fit for. Today, I’m going to share a general list of some of the things I’d like to see in queer YA.

  • a bi person who dates someone of the opposite gender
  • more LGBT stories that don’t revolve around them coming out
  • more trans, nonbinary, and agender stories
  • more queer characters in fantasy and other speculative fiction stories
  • more mentally ill queer characters
  • more groups of queer friends (it’s true; we travel in packs)
  • stories about queer people being happy
  • a stereotypical ya story but the characters are all queer
  • queer love triangles
  • queer insta-love
  • queer witches and mermaids
  • books in unique formats about queer characters
  • more historical novels featuring queer people
  • more queer characters of color
  • more disabled queer people
  • queer people as the “chosen one”


What do you want to see in queer YA?

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