january goals

I almost didn’t do a monthly goals post this month because I did so many last month, but honestly, I love writing and reading goals posts on other people’s blogs so maybe someone enjoys mine? But also, it’s my blog and therefore I should write on it what brings me joy. So here is a joyful goals post.


december goals

  • Eat out less.         !!        I definitely did this! I still ate out for a lunch here and there and on weekends, but I made a lot of dinners at home which was an improvement.
  • Get back into getting steps.    !!        I didn’t do this as much as I wanted to, but I still got more steps more often than in previous months, so I’m counting it as done.
  • Read what I’m in the mood for and when I’m in the mood.    !X      I pretty much did this?? I think I should probably take a break from reading right now because I’m not in the mood for anything really, but I’m still in the mood to read so I don’t know??
  • Make reasonable goals for 2020.         !!          I did this! In the past I used to make lots of lofty goals that involved changing some part of myself drastically, and I think I curbed that back and made attainable goals.


january goals

  • Read 5 children’s books. Ideally, I’d like to read 4 picture books and 1 middle grade book this month to kick start my goal of reading more kid’s books. This shouldn’t be a challenge because a) picture books are super short and b) I have to read at least 4 anyway because I have to plan story time for three weeks this month. I also have a few ARCs of older MG books I picked up on my shelves, so I can choose one of those as my MG book.
  • Read 3/5 of my BOTM books. I love Book of the Month so far, but I haven’t actually finished any of my chosen books. I’m currently reading SONG OF THE CRIMSON FLOWER which I’m really enjoying, and plan to read THE FAMILY UPSTAIRS, an adult thriller about a cult, next, because I started it the month I got that box and thought it was really good. Then I’ll probably go with either RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE or reread LITTLE WOMEN.
  • Work up to getting 8,000 steps a day. Last month, my goal of “get more steps” was too general, so this month I have a plan to increase my daily step count goal each week until I reach 8,000 per day. Then I plan to keep increasing until I get back up to 10,000 steps a day.
  • Add one new item to my grocery list every week. I’m trying to eat healthier and one good tip I came across was to keep your meals interesting by adding a new healthy item to your grocery list each week. Next week, I think I’m going to add mangoes…

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    1. I love when my comment posts mid-typing. How fun hahah.
      As I was saying before my fingers interrupted me, That’s something I really want to avoid this year. I hope achieve your goals for the month!

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