january rewind \\ more books more stress!

things that happened

  • I had a job interview for a job I really want. I applied to be a materials selector at my library for the children’s books, which would mean I basically spend my days researching and reading books that I then get to decide if my library system buys. I REALLY want this job because, as I’ve been noting, my current job stresses me the fuck out and I’m not sure if I want to stay in librarianship in this capacity. I don’t feel like the interview went well because they changed the location on the day of the interview without telling me so I was even more stressed than a normal interview situation, and I’m worried I sabotaged myself. I haven’t heard back yet so I guess there’s still hope, but I’m not very optimistic even though I know I’d be amazing at it.
  • I went self-hosted!! I’ve been contemplating changing my name and going self-hosted for a while because I want my blog to reflect my personality more and to have more freedom where plug ins and themes are concerned. So, welcome to Cotton Candy Book Witch, your local witchy-bitchy book blog with lots of glitter, books, and magic!
  • I got threatened at work. To be fair, it was only a teen, but it is scary af to hear that someone wants to wait for you after work to beat you up and then have the same person say they’re ready to slap you plus calling you a bitch a few times. This same teen has also called our security officer a bitch, and I just wish we could ban him, but for some reason my boss just decided that talking to him with me and the security officer was enough, which I don’t agree with. If he gets to come back he’s just gonna do the same things over and over and I have to deal with extreme anxiety every time he comes in.
  • One of our most obnoxious teens no longer hates us. Granted, he is still annoying at times, but we got one of our most problematic teens to play Uno with us (us being the head of the department and I) and I think he secretly enjoyed it even though he’d die before admitting that. And he’s been hanging around our desk a bit more so I am extremely pleased. It has only taken 8 months of testing us for him to get to this point…


what i read

I actually read quite a few books (aka 7) this month! I am very pleased about this, especially because 5 were backlist books. My favorite book was either FAKE IT TILL YOU BREAK IT or THE KISS QUOTIENT, both of which are romances, but one is fluffy and YA and the other is somewhat fluffy and adult. I’m so glad my first foray into (published) adult romance went well and now I’m excited to read more adult romance books and branch out a little into adult. I also liked both MG graphic novels I read and hope to read more of those as well. The most disappointing fiction book I read was unfortunately KINGDOM OF THE BLAZING PHOENIX, which I am still sad about, but Jade was SO nice and SO deadly boring that I just couldn’t love the story as much as the complex and dark FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS.


blogging things

Obviously, the biggest blogging thing that happened this month was going self-hosted and becoming Cotton Candy Book Witch! I wish I could just say I’m happy and excited about it, but I also just have SO MUCH anxiety over it. I’m stressed that there’s no more WordPress follow button and I can’t figure out how to get a button other than the email subscribe because most of my followers read from the WordPress reader, and I’m really worried that my posts won’t show up in the reader even though my hosting company said they “should” because that’s where practically all my traffic comes from. I almost threw in the towel and decided not to migrate the blog, but I didn’t know how else to change the URL and migrate the site, so I decided to do it but I’m just so stressed about people possibly not seeing my posts in the WordPress reader. I’m just worried I made a huge mistake that I can’t take back and that I won’t keep gaining followers and my views will be completely shot.

On another note, I did somehow gain 60 followers this single month?? Idk how that happened but it is pretty great. I will get to my 500 follower goal for 2019 in no time if that keeps up (if I can figure out how to allow people to follow via self-hosted WordPress). Also if you found this via the WordPress reader, please tell me so I can stop panicking and crying??


around the blogosphere

People wrote some really great posts this month! Check some of them out here:

  • Kat made a wonderful list of books featuring protagonists who are 20ish and I am so excited to read all of them!
  • Shealea also launched a new blog, Shut Up, Shealea.
  • Camillea posted about 5 mistakes she made while writing her first novel.
  • Briana posted about what book bloggers actually do.
  • Vicky shared some paperback cover changes she’s in love with.


book haul highlights

  • Spin the Dawn | Elizabeth Lim – This book was pitched as Project Runway meets Mulan and how can I not want to read a book comped to those things??? Court intrigue & drama & fashion?? ALL THE YES!!!
  • Tell Me How You Really Feel | Amina Mae Safi – I was SO EXCITED to see this book on NetGalley. Just look at all that f/f magic on the cover! And I’m pretty sure they start out hating each other which is my favorite romance trope ever?? So this is going to be AMAZING.
  • Happy Messy Scary Love | Leah Konen – I actually requested this one kind of on a whim but as soon as I heard it had a character who loves horror movies and an online-turned-IRL romance, I knew I HAD to have it. I hope this one ends up being good.
  • Love from A-Z | S. K. Ali – I was very excited to see this one on Edelweiss because the Bustle cover reveal and excerpt convinced me I need to have it. Hopefully it will live up to my extremely high expectations!

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  1. I am in total agreeance with you about Spin the Dawn. That book is very high on my anticipated reads for this year! PLUS THAT COVER IS EVERYTHING. Anyways, thank you so much for featuring my blog post here 🙂

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