july goals

New month, who dis? Kkkkk, that was a very bad joke, don’t let me make it again. But yay, the hardest month of the year so far is over, things are back to normal, and it’s time for wrap up and goals posts! I had trouble thinking of goals for this month but I wanted to recap my June goals and I NEVER miss a goals post, so here we are.


june goals

  • Read 5 books.     !!        I did this! Woo!
  • Read for Pride!               XX          I honestly did not do this. I thought I’d only read queer books and then I read I think only one queer book all month. I just wasn’t…excited about Pride this year and it felt like a huge pressure for me because I’ve just been feeling so conflicted about my gender identity and it’s just frustrating and confusing and annoying and Pride was not full of pride for me.
  • Continue the Artist’s Way.           !X            I sort of did this. I’ve found it really hard to keep up with the Artist’s Way other than the morning pages, and honestly I don’t know if I want to continue doing it. I’m REALLY uncomfortable that having a god concept is so important to the course, because I don’t believe in any type of higher power and I’m really fine with that. I’ve also been struggling to do the Artist Dates. The morning pages have been really helpful to my life in general so I think I will keep doing those.
  • Write at least one day a week.           !X             I did this for two weeks, so I wrote twice. It’s tiny, but it’s a start I guess.
  • Get 10,000 steps 5 days a week.                 !!               I mostly did this so I’m counting this as a win.
  • Reduce my Diet Coke intake.                    X!                 I did this for most of the month. I mostly have two cans a day now but lately since things have been super stressful and I’m always wiped out I’ve been having way more than I should.


july goals

  • Read 5 novels. I think part of the reason I’ve been able to meet my reading goals the past few months is because I’ve read poetry and graphic novels, but I feel I’m falling behind on my YA novel reading especially. So I guess I’ll modify this to: read 5, YA, prose novels.
  • Read 2 July releases. I also feel like I’ve been falling behind on new releases because I’ve been rereading and reading a lot of backlist stuff, which is nice, but I also want to keep up with everyone and my long long 2019 TBR list and ARCs. So I want to read at least 2 books coming out in July in actual July.
  • Watch one movie per weekend. This may seem like a weird goal, but I have a SERIOUS problem relaxing. Basically, since I started working full time I feel super guilty if I sit around doing nothing and it’s very hard for me to chill out. So hopefully having this goal will encourage me to force myself to relax.
  • Reduce my Diet Coke intake again. This time to one can a day omg I can’t do it I’m too addicted. Seriously though, caffeine is a horrible addiction.
  • Have 4 bottles of water 5 days out of the week. Doing this is also apparently supposed to help my heart rate be normal since I have a heart condition. I am ideally supposed to not have any caffeine and drink lots of water. Baby steps though.
  • Work on my WIP ideas once a week. I have 2 main ones that I want to work on, and working on them can mean anything from reading similar things to outlining. Basically I’m just trying to get myself to work up to writing and be encouraging of anything I do that will help me get there.

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  1. Good luck!! Most of these seem like really reasonable goals so I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you. I, too, need to drink more water and I should definitely make that my goal, too. c:

  2. It sucks that pride wasn’t a good time for you! The tv was on when the big pride parade of Oslo was happening and the first thing I saw when I went into the room was like far-right people talking about it, to “get both sides”. Felt like the perfect image of how pride month also comes with everyone outside of the community wanting to have their say and a lot more pressure being put on people to explain themselves, when it should be a time for people to just be themselves as well – without that pressure to fit into labels. Congrats on getting started with the writing goal!

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