June Goals

It’s June! Happy June, and happy almost summer to the majority of people who are not me who actually like summer! I always enjoy the beginning of new months now because I get to purge whatever happened in the previous month in the form of wrap-up/monthly rewind posts, talk about all the cool stuff I read, reflect on goals and make new goals for the month! I almost didn’t do a goals post for June because I don’t usually follow my goals anyway, but I couldn’t not do it because I enjoy writing them, so here is a recap of my May goals, plus my goals for the lovely month of June.

Here’s what I wanted to do in May…

  • Read 4 books    !       I did this! Three times over, to be exact!!
  • Write at least once      X        I did not do this. But I wrote a few posts about writing that helped reignite that creative spark a little, plus I recently started reading BIG MAGIC, which I’m hoping will help me conquer the fear of writing at least a little.
  • Work out at least once a week    !         I decided to do a few minutes of steps on my fitbit a few times a week, and I did this!
  • Research recording software     X      Did not do this; lost interest
  • Continue experimenting with Instagram         X       honestly I’m…not sure if I’m so interested in bookstagram anymore. I don’t think I have enough physical copies to do it or photo skills or props or anything else. I’m worried it will get too monotonous and boring after a while. Plus I don’t really have the inspiration?
  • Not be sad or jealous during BookExpo      !        Book Expo started yesterday, and honestly I’m slightly sad and jealous. I know in reality I’m just missing panels and a couple books that I don’t already have ARCs of, and if I see ARCs I want I can most likely request and get them because I am a librarian. So, trying not to feel these feelings.


Here are my plans/goals for June


  • Read 5 books. Hopefully I can do this, but I’m assuming the library will get busier as school draws to a close and summer reading begins. I need to get better at balancing my time and reading after work as well. For some reason I can just never get motivated to read after work because my brain is so fried.
  • Work up to writing. Whether this means outlining, blogging about writing, or reading BIG MAGIC, I think if I start small and move up, this goal will be achievable, and eventually (hopefully soon), I’ll feel able and ready to dive into Queer Bookish Novel again.
  • Work out at least once a week. I want to continue getting steps even for just a few minutes. Hopefully I can increase to 5-10 thousand per day, but for now, baby steps (no pun intended).
  • Write at least one Pride-related post per week. Since it’s June, it’s also LGBT Pride Month!! Pride is a happy time, and I want to celebrate being queer and queer things in the book community by writing posts related to LGBT+ things. I like to write about these things in general, but I really want to focus on it more this month because it’s PRIDE TIME!!!!
  • Hang out with friends more. I haven’t really hung out with friends much since April, and it makes me sad, because I love my friends. I always flake if they ask me to do something spontaneously or during the week though because I don’t like driving there during that time and I’m always tired after work. Hopefully summer will be less busy for some of them, and I’ll get to see them on weekends more often. I kind of want to have a dinner party as well, but am stressed about it because I have very few chairs at my apartment currently. Anyway. More friends!
  • Experiment with cooking more. I really enjoy cooking and baking, but tend to make the same recipe over and over again for dinners and lunches during the week until I get tired of it. To remedy this, and to learn about cooking some healthier things instead of stress baking all the time, I bought a new cookbook recently that looks very promising! I want to try new breakfast and dinner things, and hopefully find a solution for lunches, since finding things to bring to work for lunches has been a challenge for me thus far.

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