june rewind \\ hell month is over!!

I knew June would be hell because work was going to be so crazy and prepping for a MAJOR event at the library, aka the biggest one we will probably do all year, and I was definitely right. Overall after this past month I feel overworked and underappreciated, so I’m glad it’s over and here’s to hoping July is calmer now that the big event is done.

what happened

  • Aforementioned major library event. Every year for the past five years (we think, we’re really not sure, lol) at my library branch, we’ve done a huge convention in celebration of comics and all things geeky that’s basically a comicon event for all the branches in my city. My work partner and I have been prepping for it literally since last year, and this month it finally happened.
  • I met Dhonielle Clayton. AND I DIDN’T DIE OF ANXIETY!!! She was super nice and cool and has excellent hair and was super cute and I want to be her best friend. Also the panel she was on was really good and she said so many on point things and I just <3 <3 <3 DHONIELLE!!!!
  • I accidentally dyed my hair navy. RIP, pink hair. You will be missed, and hopefully will come back after the summer and my navy hair fades all the way. I meant to dye my hair purple, but this was def more of a navy color and it is REALLY dark, so hopefully since it’s semi-permanent it will fade relatively quickly. I used this brand once before and remember it fading super fast so hopefully that happens again so I can at least get my hair a more purpley shade. The navy does look good with sparkles in it (though you can’t really see them in this photo) and I can finally wear the blue eyeliner I bought but couldn’t wear when my hair was pink, so I guess those are pluses?


  • School ended. For the children. Last year, summer was super chill and I’m hoping now that school is out things will be relatively chill again because the last few weeks before school ended were super awful and hectic and I need a break, man. I love my kids but I could use a little quiet time at the library.


what i read

I read more than I’ve been reading this month so I am pleased about that. I FINALLY read I WAS BORN FOR THIS by Alice Oseman, which has been sitting on my shelf for the past year, and let me tell you how much I loved it: SO MUCH!!! I totally dug her writing style and the fangirl discussion and both narrators. I also super loved both graphic novels I read this month, and usually I’m not too impressed or moved by graphic novels. CHECK, PLEASE! was about hockey and pie and a gay boy, and it was so cute and well-written and I can’t wait for book 2. I also really enjoyed SPACE BOY, which is about a girl who moves from a colony in deep space to earth and has to adjust to her new life, and she has synesthesia that makes her see people in flavors and she’s fascinated by a weird dude with no flavor. I put a hold on the second book in the series, which I’ve never done for a graphic novel before.

I also LOVED Seanan McGuire’s book, EVERY HEART A DOORWAY, the first in the Wayward Children series that I’ve seen on various blogs for years but never read. It was super quirky and creepy and weird and I can’t wait to read the rest of the books, especially book 2 which is about the twins, Jack and Jill, who are the epitome of creepiness. I also reread Amanda Lovelace’s second poetry collection and read her fourth one. I realized the first book in the Women Are Some Kind of Magic series that these books are from is really the best and the messages in books 2 and 3 are very heavy-handed and overall the poems just aren’t as powerful and are too preachy.


writing updates

OMG, this monthly wrap-up post has a WRITING SECTION now!!! This excites me so much, even though tbh I don’t have much to say. I did The Artist’s Way this month, but honestly I don’t know if I’m going to continue it. It’s supposed to be a course in creativity, but it’s too religious-y for me and I’m just not comfortable with all the talk about god-concepts when I am not spiritual in that way and consider myself an atheist. Some of it is also kind of hokey and I just don’t know if this is the best time for me to do it because I’m super busy.

I had the goal of writing once a week this month and am proud of myself for doing it for at least two weeks. I think next month I’ll just say “work on writing” once per week so that can include outlining. I did write a little and started work on my southern Gothic sapphic Jane Eyre retelling. I tried writing the opening a couple of times but still don’t like it and don’t think the story starts there so I’m going to go back and outline before I try writing again.

I had also talked about potentially taking a creative writing class on writing and healing with Francesca Lia Block, who is one of my idols, but I’ve decided not to do that because I honestly can’t afford it right now, and I’m worried about making the commitment. But mainly I can’t afford it because I had to make a big car payment this past month and have less money than I thought I would, so this is unfortunately not the time.


around the blogosphere

  • Anna and Charlotte discuss their perceptions of how queer books are marketed.
  • Charvi discusses how a book dragon is born!
  • Ally tells us how to use Goodreads like a pro.
  • Eline shares her fave bi protagonists for Pride Month.


book haul highlights

  • Song of the Crimson Flower | Julie C. Dao – I will read literally anything this woman writes because I LOVED her first book, FOREST OF A THOUSAND LANTERNS. This is apparently a companion to that duology, and is also based on Vietnamese folklore, so I am very excited to read more of Dao’s excellent writing again.
  • As Many Nows As I Can Get | Shana Youngdahl – This is apparently a whirlwind contemporary romance about particle physics and junk, and it seems somewhat typical white hetero YA-y but I’m still gonna read it. I don’t know why, but I just have a good feeling about this book even though it seems like a more typical YA romance.
  • All the Bad Apples | Moira Fowley-Doyle – This is a mystery about a girl whose sister goes missing and then she starts getting letters from her going on about a family curse. I’m very into family curse books so I’m hopeful about this one.
  • A River of Royal Blood | Amanda Joy – This is a North African-inspired fantasy about two sisters who have to fight to the death for the throne, and I am HERE FOR IT!!!

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    1. it’s so good! I’m glad I ended up giving it a chance. I hope you enjoy it too 🙂

        1. Just here to scream about the Wayward Children series. I absolutely adore them and book 2 is by far my favourite (probably because of the darker tone to the book).

  1. Yay you loved “I was born for this”!! I mean who couldn’t – it’s perfection, but still haha. Space Boy and Every Heart Is a Dorrway sounds so interesting, going to have to look into those.

    I see Lovelace’s poetry around regularly, wondering if it’s worth a try. I followed the author on social media, mainly tumblr I think, before she published anything and she went from like feminist to gradually getting more petty (or maybe preachy, don’t quite remember) – but at the same time everyone is allowed to change so maybe I’ll give it a try soon.

    Thanks for highlighting my post! Appreciate it <3

    Also Song of the Crimson Flower looks so good, and now I have to read As Many Nows As I Can Get because I really can't get away from any book that mentions being about 'physics' haha.

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