march goals

Oh goodness, I know I did NOT do well on my goals for this past month. Maybe I had too many of them and too many were outside of my normal type of goals?? Who knows. But I know my February goals summary will be abysmal.

February goals

  • Read 5 books.      XX      I did not do this. I had a very light reading month in February.
  • Finish the Grisha trilogy.     XX         I did not do this either. See above.
  • Drive one place that scares me.       !!         I did this! I drove to get my hair bleach and then went to Books a Million after and it was very nice and fun. Would do again.
  • Go to a new restaurant by myself.         XX         I did not do this. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing it in the future either because I’m trying to be more healthy, emphasis on the *trying* part.
  • Stay up late at least one night.       !!        I did this! A couple times! My boyfriend started a weekly movie night so we can spend more time together and I stayed up a little later than normal all those nights. I was very proud of myself.
  • Journal more when I’m having obsessive/compulsive thoughts.     XX      Did not do this. They also didn’t feel as bad as normal this month?
  • Clean apartment once a week.    X!     I somewhat did this a couple times?? I forgot this was an actual monthly goal.
  • Start researching/outlining my new WIP idea!      LOLXXXXXX      I of course did not do this. I just stewed about writing and freaked out about starting to write and did not write even though I still like this WIP idea.


March goals

  • Read 5 books. Actually do it this month.
  • Read more new releases. Ideally at least 3. I’ve been doing a very good job with the Beat the Backlist challenge this year and have read almost exclusively backlist books so far in 2019, but I feel a little behind in terms of new releases and I want to read some of the stuff people have been raving about and keep up with my ARCs.
  • Finish the Grisha trilogy. Actually do that in March.
  • Try one new recipe per week. When I cook for myself, I try to make things as easy as possible during the week and tend to only cook a certain comfort food until I get tired of it. I want to get better at trying new recipes and new things in general and not sticking so resolutely to the same routine, so I want to try one new recipe per week this month for my dinners during the week.
  • Eat healthy 5 days out of the week. I’ve been trying different diets for a couple years now. I’ve been hesitant to write about it on the blog because I feel like trying to lose weight gets a bad rap in liberal circles because body positivity is such a huge thing, and I definitely consider myself body positive, but I personally don’t feel comfortable or healthy at my current weight and want to do something about it. So I’d like to work on eating more healthfully more often throughout the week and change my unhealthy eating habits.
  • Clean apartment once a week. And actually do it this month.
  • Research astrology. I mentioned in my last weekly wrap up post that I want to write more witchy posts, and one of the things I’d like to do is do recs based on different astrological happenings…but I don’t know pretty much anything about astrology so I’d need to do research.

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    1. I also have anxiety but for me making goals helps give me a little direction and keep me from getting overwhelmed. I look at them more as guidelines than set in stone, which also helps.

  1. These sound like great goals and I understand what you mean about not wanting to talk about losing weight because of body positivity. It’s always hard talking about weight but think of it this way, you’re not necessarily trying to lose weight, you just want to become more healthy and in the process may lose some weight. Body positivity should also include taking care of your body so that you do feel happy and healthy!

  2. love this goal post, Mel! Cleaning your apartment weekly is super hard but super great if need be. And I think discussion of weight can definitely be triggering, but if you need it to feel more confident, it’s completely understandable <3

    1. thank you <3 cleaning is so hard for me because I get so overwhelmed, but it definitely needs to be done. And I will try to remember to put a trigger warning on any future posts that talk about weight loss, since of course I don't wish to upset anyone!

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