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Another month, another very long TBR list. I am, of course, already behind on my TBR for 2019, though that is mostly because for some strange reason most of what I’ve been reading are backlist books? This never happens. Usually I get behind because I have too many new releases on my list, but this year? I am being beaten by the backlist. Weird.

Anyway. Here’s what I want to read this month.

from previous months of 2019

  • Famous in a Small Town | Emma Mills – I keep talking about needing to read more Emma Mills because of my love for THIS ADVENTURE ENDS on this blog yet somehow I never do it??? I am very in the mood for something fluffy though so perhaps soon?
  • We Set the Dark on Fire | Tehlor Kay Mejia – This book seems like a Latinx HANDMAID’S TALE but also gay. I started it a while ago and wasn’t sure if I should continue because it upset me, but then I learned it was GAY and now I think I’ll probably have to read it.
  • Tell Me Everything | Sarah Enni – I picked an ARC of this one up on a whim at the last YA librarian meeting for my library system and I am curious about it. Apparently it’s about art apps and a shy artist and good deeds with good intentions that go awry. It sounds artsy and delightful and I hope it’s a hidden gem for this year.
  • The Love & Lies of Rukhsana Ali | Sabina Khan – I’ve been wanting to read this one so much and checked it out as soon as we got our copy but…haven’t read it yet. Thankfully it was renewed today, so maybe after SIEGE & STORM and a break with something fluffy I’ll get to it.


  • Enchantee | Gita Trelease – I don’t know how I haven’t read this yet since I had an ARC and an eARC…I am terrible. But historical Paris + black magic totally = Mel book. So: need to read.
  • No One Here is Lonely | Sarah Everett – As soon as I read about this on Malanie’s blog, I knew I HAD to have it. This book is about a girl who loses her best friend and her crush, who dies, but he had set up an account with a website that makes a digital companion who you can talk to any time and this sounds so soft and friendshippy and MY HEARTTTTTT.
  • Just for Clicks | Kara McDowell – This sounds like a perfect blogger book. It’s about two girls who are famous because of their mom’s mommy blog and how they try to break out of that. It sounds so cute and apparently has a slow burn romance which is the BEST KIND.


march releases

  • If You’re Out There | Katy Loutzenhiser | March 5 – This book sounds SO GOOD and creepy. It’s about a girl who is heartbroken when her best friend moves and ghosts her, but realizes her friend may not be contacting her because she CAN’T. oooh, creepy times~~~
  • Opposite of Always | Justin A. Reynolds | March 5  – OPPOSITE OF ALWAYS is about Jack, who is cursed with always being “almost” the best, until he meets and falls in love with Kate. But then Kate dies, and he is sent back in time to when they first met. Love & time travel cuteness? SIGN ME UP!!
  • Field Notes on Love | Jennifer E. Smith | March 5 – I mostly want to read this one because someone at work gushed to me about it. I have read and enjoyed a few of Jennifer E. Smith’s other books, so chances are that I’ll enjoy it.


  • The Waking Forest | Alyssa Wees | March 12 – This book was pitched as PAN’S LABYRINTH meets THE HAZEL WOOD, aka two of my favorite things, and has a witch, so how could I not love this book?
  • Internment | Samira Ahmed | March 19 – This book takes place in a near future where the US government forces Muslim citizens into internment camps. I’m a little nervous about this one because I haven’t read her other books, dystopians aren’t really my thing, and this feels like a thing that could really happen, but we’ll see.
  • Never-Contented Things | Sarah Porter | March 19 – This book sounds kind of similar to THE CRUEL PRINCE, but I will read ALL of the fae books for forever. I haven’t read Sarah Porter’s other books even though VASSA IN THE NIGHT has been on my shelf for a while, so we’ll see how I like my first book by her.
  • Girls with Sharp Sticks | Suzanne Young | March 19 – I’m not totally sure what this is about other than a weird boarding school where girls learn how to be “ladies” but there are secretly dark and devious things going on there. This isn’t super high on my list at the moment, but I’ll be curious to see people’s reviews.

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  1. Most of these books are on my TBR too! I received an eARC of Never-Contented Things from Netgalley. Just to warn you, it’s absolutely nothing like The Cruel Prince! I thought it would be, so it was a little bit of a letdown for me.

    1. ooh that’s actually a good thing for me since I wasn’t a huge fan of cruel prince. I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you though :/

  2. This is a huge and impressive TBR! I hope you get through everything on your list this month. I loved FAMOUS IN A SMALL TOWN by Emma Mills so I hope you enjoy it as well. I can’t wait to read your thoughts on the books!

    1. lol I wish I could get through everything on it in a month. sadly my reading pace has gotten very slow and I’m anticipating getting to about 4-5.

      I’m glad to hear you liked FIAST 🙂 Hopefully I’ll enjoy it also .

    Sorry I’m screaming, I don’t know where to start haha. I’m so excited about We Set The Dark on Fire, I keep on checking my pre-order status because I am too impatient to get it haha. I hope you’ll pick it back up and will like it! Also I’d be so curious to hear your thoughts on Enchantée (I liked it, but… well, it didn’t blow me away :/), Just For Clicks (I loved this one!) and Opposite of Always (loved it too!). OH, and If You’re Out There, this one sounds SO good! 😀
    Happy reading, Mel <3


      I think I probably will pick We Set the Dark on Fire up again. Knowing that it gets queer gives me hope for the character even though some of the rest of the story is kind of upsetting.

      I hope you like If You’re Out There, too! I’ve been SO ridiculously excited about this one and need to make time for it ASAP.

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