May Goals

I think I’ve mentioned this, but I really don’t know why I like writing goal posts so much when I hardly ever actually make the goals?? I guess it’s nice to have guidelines for what I want to accomplish even if I don’t meet them.

First, let’s do a very depressing review of whether I accomplished my April goals:

  • Read 4 books  X
  • Continue blogging   !
  • Camp NaNoWriMo   X
  • Work out more   lolol
  • Increase to 150 Instagram followers   even more lolol
  • Make the apartment more homely   sorta?? but also no

Basically, I only accomplished 1.5 goals. I guess NaNo was a question mark in the original goals anyway, so maybe that one isn’t as much of a failure. On Instagram I actually LOST followers, probably because I’m not posting as much and as of now photos aren’t very interesting.

Soooooo, now we’re onto May goals…

  • Read 4 books. Let’s try this again, but maybe succeeding this time??? Maybe I should try shorter books…
  • Write at least once. Writing a certain amount every day, even if it’s small like 100-500 words, just seems like too much considering my lack of motivation, so maybe I’ll try just writing a single time and see how it goes.
  • Work out once a week. Again, starting smaller with a more measurable goal might help.
  • Continue experimenting with Instagram. I impulse-bought a book on Insta styling, which I know is silly but it looked good and interesting and I’m curious how people actually DO Instagram, because I clearly have no idea. I kinda feel like I might want to get some photo backdrops, too, to make photos look more professional and consistent. And maybe a couple props that go with whatever aesthetic I decide on, though it will probably be very minimalist.
  • Research recording software. I won’t be able to afford it now, but I do want to look up software that would allow me to record different parts of a song separately and then put them together in a single track and edit the parts. I don’t know what would do this or how much I’d actually use it because I’m afraid to sing for real people, but it could be a nice project to do for myself.
  • Not be sad or jealous about people going to Book Expo. I was REALLY hoping to go to Book Expo last year before I was let go, and then again this year when I got my new library job, but the prospect of travelling to NY and staying there and working out travel and hotels and food just felt too overwhelming for what it would actually be. I’m a little less sad about it now that they invited Sean Freaking Spicer, so that’s something. Plus, I can always request review copies I see that look good from publishers since I’m a librarian, so in that respect I won’t miss out too much I guess. Still, it can be hard at that time of year to look at everyone’s BEA posts about how much fun they had and at their book hauls and not feel some kinda way. Maybe I’ll try to do Armchair BEA again this year if they’re doing it again.

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  1. Good luck with your goals! 💕
    I’m sorry you couldn’t get to BEA 🙁 We can try not to be sad together, as I wouldn’t even have a chance of going there since I don’t live in the States, but surely soon videos and posts about BEA will be up again.

    1. Indeed <3 I simultaneously love looking at people's BEA hauls and am also really jealous of all the fun they had, but I can't stop myself from looking at the posts anyway, haha

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