may tbr part ii: other books

Welcome to Part 2 of my super long TBR list for the month of May. Why did I ever think I wouldn’t do a monthly TBR post? This is a mystery to me. Anyway. Today I’ll be talking up books on my TBR list from previous months of 2019 and also some from upcoming months because I’ve gotten a lot of good stuff from publishers lately.

previous 2019 releases

  • The Devouring Gray | Christine Lynn Herman – Everyone seems to be buzzing about this book on the Twitterverse and it sounds spooky and atmospheric, two major Mel book buzz words. Plus, it’s about creepy woods, which always gets me.
  • Opposite of Always | Justin A. Reynolds – This book looks so cuuuuuute. Jack and Kate meet at a party and fall in love, but then Kate dies and Jack is left the King of Almost again. This book involves time travel too. It just looks so adorable and sad and soft.
  • Love from A to Z | S. K. Ali – I’ve been wanting to read this one since the AMAZING cover was revealed on Bustle. That’s also when I read a bit of the excerpt that accompanied the cover reveal, which I never do, and I had to tell myself to stop reading because at that point I didn’t have an eARC yet and I knew I was going to love it.
  • We Set the Dark on Fire | Tehlor Kay Mejia – I actually started this book a while ago but stopped because I was worried it was going to be too depressing, but then I learned it gets GAY and I decided I’m going to have to pick it up again eventually.
  • Wicked Saints | Emily Duncan – Okay, okay, I know I just posted a super negative DNF review of this one but…I’m kind of tempted to try again because everyone says it gets super dark, which is my jam, and it’s so popular?
  • Descendant of the Crane | Joan He – All of my favorite bloggers are obsessed with this book so I have to read it too.
  • No One Here is Lonely | Sarah Everett – I bought this one when it came out and still haven’t read it. This is a reminder to myself to read it.
  • Tell Me Everything | Sarah Enni – I picked this one up at a whim at a YA librarian meeting I had at work, and it does sound pretty good. It sounds artsy and quirky, which is just the type of contemporary book I like.


upcoming releases

  • Spin the Dawn | Elizabeth Lim – I forgot about this book until I watched Mulan recently and remembered this book was pitched as Mulan meets Project Runway, which is definitely the best pitch ever made.
  • Crier’s War | Nina Varela – I requested an ARC of this book as soon as I read about it on Edelweiss because EPIC LGBT FANTASY!!!!!! That is pretty much all I need to know to be sold on a book.
  • Kingdom of Souls | Rena Barron – I’ve already talked about this one a bunch so I won’t too much here other than to say I GOTTA READ IT!!!!




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  1. WE SET THE DARK ON FIRE AHHH. Sorry. I had to scream. I’m just too excited for you to read this book, I love it SO much 😀

    1. that makes me even more excited about picking it up again! I was just so worried that it would keep on being bleak and upsetting the first time I tried it but honestly now that I know it gets gayer I really want to give it another try. I hope I love it as much as you did!

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