my book expo experience: friday

Book Expo was a total whirlwind experience that I’m glad I got to go to. It was a huge privilege to be able to go, and I would have never been able to attend if not for my job. Here is what happened on Friday, the last day of the conference:

  • Mostly panels. On Friday, I mostly went to panels. I was tired of standing in lines for signings and ARC drops, and there were some events I had to go to that I wrote about in my initial proposal for work. The panel I was most psyched for was the Progress in LGBT books panel with Mariko Tamaki, Grace Ellis, and Phil Stamper. I was so excited that this panel existed as a queer person and thrilled that it took place on the Downtown Stage, which is the most major stage for Book Expo. It was a really interesting panel and they talked about queer sex in YA and how queerness in YA has evolved and changed over the past few years.
  • Booklist’s Shout and Share. The other panel I went to was a librarian shout and share panel where a bunch of librarians talked about the books they were most excited about at Book Expo. I went to this one because I will be leading a shout and share panel at my library’s big con event at the end of June. I was disappointed in this one honestly because some of the librarians’ book talks were super scripted and not natural, and also it focused solely on adult books  and all the librarians they chose were in adult services, so it was not super relevant for me or anyone else who was not an adult services librarian. I really hope they diversify who is on the shout and share panel in the future so a bigger variety of books gets talked up.
  • I went home. Honestly, all day I was just thinking about going home because I was super stressed about going to NYC Penn Station because I’d never been and figuring out where my train was and all that. That was the one time on the trip where I almost cried. But I was really excited to go home and get back to my normal life after a whirlwind book adventure.


books i hauled

  • The Dragon Warrior | Katie Zhao – I’ve heard about this one from the Twitterverse and grabbed it since I’ve been interested in reading more middle grade as I make my way toward being a children’s librarian. So hopefully this one will be good.
  • Full Disclosure | Camryn Garrett – This one is about a girl who’s HIV positive and written by a teen. I am very excited for it.
  • Rise | Ellen Goodlett – I won this one from LitJoy Crate and picked it up even though I haven’t read RULE because one of the reasons I didn’t read RULE last year was because I hate not having the rest of a series to read and waiting for series because I forget everything. So now that I have book 2 I can read book 1!

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