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Since this is probably my fourth or fifth new blog and I’ve been blogging since 2012 (6 years!!), I have learned a lot about myself as a blogger. One of these things is which types of posts I enjoy writing the most. This time around, I am trying to remain a happy blogger and not overwhelm myself or get to the point where I burn out and don’t enjoy the process of blogging anymore. So, part of what I have been doing lately is reflecting on ways I can keep myself a “happy blogger,” and part of that is obviously writing posts that I like writing. Today, I am going to be sharing some of the types of posts I like to write the most.

  • List posts. Basically, anything with bullet points or numbers is totally my jam. When I was still writing reviews on my older blogs, I actually contemplated only writing posts, including reviews, in lists because I just love lists that much. I find it much easier to organize my thoughts in list form because I have some kind of structure, and since my blog posts tend to be somewhat short and kind of rambling, lists are great.
  • Personal posts. This is probably kind of weird since in general I’m a shy and quiet person, but I really like writing posts where I get to share something personal about myself. I feel like writing a post about an issue or topic I care about from my personal perspective makes my points more valid and also gives me an outlet to express thoughts and feelings I don’t get to in other places in my life. Sometimes, even when I have an idea of what I am going to write in a personal post, the idea changes and evolves when I’m writing it, so I end up reflecting more deeply about myself and that can be really helpful.
  • Short posts. I’ve always felt like my posts tend to be on the short side of things in the book blogging world. Other people write five paragraph reviews and call it a “mini” review, and I’m over here writing a two paragraph review and don’t bother putting a “mini” label on it. I’ve always felt kind of self-conscious about the length of my posts, but I also try to write posts I’d want to read, and I tend to like short posts. So there.
  • Posts about writing. I haven’t been able to do one of these on this blog yet because I haven’t really written since NaNoWriMo of last year. However, when I was writing about my creative process and how the WIP was going on the other blog, I found it really encouraged me to keep going and helped me work some things out.
  • Posts about issues relating to diversity. Diversity issues of all kinds are really important to me, but I’m especially drawn to talking and caring about mental illness, queer issues, sexism, and racism. Sometimes, I really wish I was a bigger voice in the YA community online, because I want to encourage other white people to talk about race and other white women especially to not just care about sexism. I also think bloggers should be in on these conversations more, because we do have some influence in the book community, and it shouldn’t just be up to authors to do all the work in addition to the time they have to spend creating their work for us. Bloggers are in a special position to step up and help take on these issues, and I think we need to do that more as a whole.

What do you like writing about? How do you decide how long posts are going to be or what format they’re going to be in?

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