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Recently, I’ve been doing a little research into my stats to see what kind of posts have been most popular on my blog in the past year. The main reason I did this is to see if my witchy posts do well and if people like them or if they’re just something I like to write but nobody likes to read. So, today, I’ll be sharing my top 10 viewed posts to see if there’s any rhyme or reason to what people like to read on the blog.


  • Wickedly Boring // Wicked Saints – Weirdly, my most popular post of all time is my DNF review of WICKED SAINTS. I’m very shocked by this because any blogger will tell you that reviews are some of the least viewed posts on book blogs. I don’t know why my review of WICKED SAINTS was so popular, maybe because it is the most hyped book I’ve reviewed on the blog so far.
  • How to Be a Literary Witch – I was super pleased to see this post make the list, because it is one of my favorite witchy posts. I wrote about witch paths and specifically how to be a literary witch.
  • Easter Readathon TBR – This one seems a little random and is just a challenge TBR post.
  • How My Mental Health Affects My ReadingĀ – I wrote about how my reading habits are affected by my anxiety and depression. I’m glad to see this one got a lot of traffic because I put a lot of time into it and was worried people wouldn’t be interested to know something so personal.
  • January Reads – If I remember correctly, I wrote this post because I had few ideas for other posts, so I’m surprised this one got a lot of traffic. It was just a list of some books I’d read during January.
  • February Goals – Just a monthly goals post.
  • Adult Romances I want to Read – Apparently more general reading posts get a lot of traffic on my blog?? This was a TBR-ish post about adult romance novels I wanted to try.
  • March Goals – Yet another goals post. Good to know people actually read these!
  • Upcoming HarperCollins Books that I NEED – Another TBR post
  • If I Could Bookstagram – This was a discussion post about what I would bookstagram about if I was good at bookish photography.


It seems that for the most part, there is not very much rhyme or reason to what gets the most traffic on my blog. General reading posts either about what I’m reading or especially TBR posts do seem to do well, and I guess monthly goals posts do all right also. I haven’t done many witchy posts all along on the blog until more recently, so it’s hard to tell yet whether they do well. I will say I’ve noticed my views have gone up in the past couple of weeks since starting to do more witchy posts and I do get a lot of positive comments and requests about them.

I guess in general I shouldn’t let what I post be dictated by stats, and since my top post topics seem to be all over the place, I suppose I don’t really need to worry which posts get the most traffic because it varies so much. This is somewhat freeing because I don’t feel pressured to write a specific type of post more often than others. So, based on this post, there probably won’t be any changes in the types of posts I write.

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  1. This is really interesting!! I just looked and my top posts are all event recaps. I have been super lucky and a lot of super popular authors have come my way so I guess people want to live vicariously through me. Thanks for sharing this and I will check out all the posts!

    1. huh, interesting. I guess it really does vary for everyone what people like the most.

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