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At last, a readathon after my Taylor Swift-loving heart!! This is a Taylor Swift-themed readathon hosted by Slytherin ReadermisscocochenCharlotte, and Maya. You can find all information about it by clicking here. This round is focusing on the album LOVER and is being held from January 13, 2020-February 13, 2020.

I am hoping to read at least 3 books for Swiftathon, but hopefully more if my reading pace continues to be fast this year.

Here are the prompts and the books I’m planning to read for them:


1) i forgot that you existed

a backlist book/book that’s been on your tbr for forever

I have a million 2019 books I could’ve picked for this, but I’ve been in the mood to try WILDER GIRLS again. I also plan to read THE FAMILY UPSTAIRS this month as part of my goal to read 3 of my Book of the Month books. AUTOBOYOGRPAHY is farther back than 2019 and has been on my TBR list for a long time.


2) cruel summer

a book set in the summer

I will not be doing this prompt. Mainly because I don’t have any books on my immediate TBR set in summer.


3) lover

a contemporary romance

My pick for this prompt will probably be either GET A LIFE, CHLOE BROWN, which is another one of my BOTM books, or one of my most anticipated books of 2020, WHAT I LIKE ABOUT YOU, which is about romance, books, and cupcakes.


4) the man

a feminist book


FOUL IS FAIR is a feminist retelling of Macbeth.


5) the archer

an epic or high fantasy


I am so hyped for this book, which is about two villains.


6) i think he knows

a book with a slow burn romance

Skipping this one.


7) miss americana and the heartbreak prince

a book set in high school



8) paper rings

a book with the friends to lovers trope

skipping this one


9) cornelia street

a book you’ve been putting off because you’re afraid of letting go


I’ve been putting off NINTH HOUSE for so long even though I had an eARC of it because I’m just so scared of it not being amazing or being too dark and upsetting. But I still want to read it, so maybe I can convince myself to take the plunge.


10) death by a thousand cuts

a book about a breakup

skipping this one


11) london boy

a book set in london or the uk

There are none on my TBR at the moment I don’t think, so this one is also a pass.


12) soon you’ll get better

a book that will make you cry/sad

I don’t think I have any sad books on my immediate TBR so this one is a no as well. Plus this is my least favorite song on the album and I even deleted it.


13) false god

a book with sexy/smutty content


14) you need to calm down

an queer book


15) afterglow

give a book/author a second chance

NINTH HOUSE could also count for this one because I’ve tried to read it a couple times and put it down.


16) ME!

a book picked by you


This historical fantasy about Nannerl Mozart has been on my TBR since the second the deal was announced and I am so hyped for it.


17) it’s nice to have a friend

a book about friendship

I have too many books on this TBR already so this is another skip.


18) daylight

reread an old favorite

I have too many new books I want to read that I will not be rereading something.




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  1. Ahh this is a great TBR and what a fun readathon, I love Taylor Swift so much!! I can’t wait to read What I Like About You, I hope you’ll love it 😀

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