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Okay, so TECHNICALLY the new moon of March was Wednesday, but I wanted to do a WWW Wednesday post, so I am writing a new moon-themed post today instead and counting it as still the new moon. Witches often practice different aspects of their craft based on the phase of the moon, because different phases are good for different types of magic. The new moon tends to be a good time to set new goals and intentions, so I’m playing around with the idea of setting goals around the new moon instead of at the beginning of the month to go with my witchy themed blog and make my goal-setting more powerful.

This month, I also have some writing goals I want to try out, and since I haven’t had much luck with writing for the past over-a-year, I figured adding some new moon power to them wouldn’t be a bad idea. Plus, next month is Camp NaNoWriMo, which I’ve had very good luck with in the past when I’ve participated. So, here are some of my writing goals for Camp NaNo and Camp NaNo prep:

  • Reread my book on outlining. I keep meaning to do this and not doing it, but I remember it having a bunch of tips for making a useful outline and I want to reread it and take notes so I can actually…
  • OUTLINE A DRAFT. In the past, I’ve been a “pantser” or someone who doesn’t outline, but I’m not sure that’s the best route for me. I always get stuck once I reach my goal and don’t have any clue where the story is going to go thereafter. I think having an outline would help me get unstuck when I don’t know where to go.
  • Research. The idea I want to go with would involve a lot of research, mostly about Italian, Iranian, and Israeli cuisine. The general idea behind it is two chefs who fall in love (oh and they’re both bi girls). I’d also have to research the setting because I want it to be set somewhere completely unlike anywhere I’ve ever lived.
  • Name my characters. Names are always the hardest part for me. I have one of their names picked out but not the second character. I know I could just call them ‘character A” or “MC” or whatever for a first draft, but I feel like names help me flesh out and build my characters. So I need a name, darn it.
  • Write 10,000 words during Camp NaNo. This probably seems like a pitifully small goal to most writers, but since I’ve had such terrible luck getting myself motivated to write, I figured starting small might not be such a bad idea. In the past, I’ve aimed for 25,000 words, which I may still shoot for if I make 10,000, but for now, I’m going to stick with 10,000.

Tell me in the comments if you’re participating in Camp NaNoWriMo, and if you have any tips for getting back into writing after a LONG time away.

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  1. I will be participating in Camp NaNo as well! My goal is to finally revise my book, because I have been putting that off for such a long time now 😅 Good luck with your writing goals, I hope Camp NaNo is working out well for you! 😊

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