november rewind \\ here comes the sun

I was going to make a joke or find a gif referencing the winter wrap up song from My Little Pony for the intro to this post before realizing it was a WINTER wrap-up, meaning it was actually about the end of winter, and it is now the beginning of winter. So instead I’m making my intro about that. Go me. Onward to the November wrap-up!


what happened

  • I went back to work. I had been on leave from the end of October through mid-November, and I’ve been back about two and a half weeks now. Things have been going a lot better at work, and I’m actually kind of enjoying the job now. I was relieved nobody asked why I’d been out and everything kind of just went back to normal, except not because I was feeling better about everything!
  • My treatment started working! The new more intense treatment I’ve been getting for mental health has been going really well and everyone says I’m definitely responding to it (hence my “here comes the sun” subtitle). When I saw my parents this month, they both commented on how I even look like I feel better, and I’ve been noticing how so much of my life is easier and better now that I’m not struggling with my mental health.
  • My parents visited for Thanksgiving. Since I couldn’t take off from work except on Thanksgiving, my parents decided to come down to see me and my boyfriend and their grandkitties for the holiday. We went out to a very nice and delicious restaurant sans my dad because he was unfortunately sick. I got to spend a lot of time with him and my mom on the other days though, which was very nice. I’m very happy it will be less than a month before I see them again.
  • I tried Book of the Month. I decided to give in and try the BOTM box. I’ve been wanting to experiment with adult fiction more but don’t really know where to start, but hardcover adult books are REALLY expensive and I don’t like all the junk that comes with most book boxes, so BOTM is a really good choice for me. So far, I’m enjoying both books I got, which were GET A LIFE, CHLOE BROWN and THE FAMILY UPSTAIRS. I’m really excited for my December box and for future picks.
  • I had another car disaster. I honestly think I might be cursed, because this car is super bad luck and something bad happens with it every 6 months or so. This time it was NOT my fault though, because someone stole the catalytic converter, which is apparently a thing because the part can make someone a good chunk of money, and a good thief can cut it out of your car in 5 minutes. It’s been a HUGE hassle and I’m just praying insurance will cover the cost, because it was very expensive to replace.


what i read

Girl, Unframed – Deb Caletti
My Summer of Love and Misfortune – Lindsay Wong
Sisters of the Winter Wood – Rena Rossner

I only read three books this month, but I really enjoyed them all. I ADORED the book THE SISTERS OF THE WINTER WOOD and absolutely need Rena Rossner to write more books ASAP. I also thought GIRL, UNFRAMED was completely and utterly AMAZING. It was a fascinating but super suspenseful look at how society sees beautiful girls and women and objectification and desire and just a whole mess of stuff. I’d never read a book by Deb Caletti before but if this wasn’t her best book I’d be shocked because it was fabulous and I can’t wait until June 2020 for it to come out so I can recommend it to everyone. I’m not even that annoyed at myself for reading so little in November because everything I read was great.


blogging life

I MADE IT TO 500 FOLLOWERS, Y’ALL!!!!!!! I’m still not over this and honestly every time I see that number, my heart feels so happy. I can’t believe it took me under two years of blogging again to reach 500 when it took me over 5 to reach 300 when I first started blogging at another site. I think it’s probably because I’m making much more of an effort to interact with the bookish community than I used to because I’ve gotten over my internet shyness.

On that note, I do feel a bit bad that I haven’t been blog hopping and visiting your blogs as much for the past couple of months. One of my goals for December will probably be to keep up with other people’s posts better again now that I’m feeling better and have more energy to do it. So if you’re wondering why I’m commenting on your posts from October, it’s because I want to catch up on all the wonderful things you’ve written and I know I’m very behind!



  • My new sets of plastic drawers. I bought a couple sets of plastic drawers because we don’t have a lot of space to store things in our tiny kitchen and I think they will be real lifesavers and make my life a lot easier and neater.
  • Watching Frozen with my parents. I decided to hype myself up for Frozen 2 even though I wasn’t that into Frozen 1 by watching the first one with my parents when they visited and…I actually really liked it? Frozen has never been one of my favorite Disney movies, but it used to be super low on my list of Disney rankings but now it’s probably somewhere in the middle instead of on the bottom because I enjoyed it so much this time. I already kind of want to watch it again, lol.
  • Book of the Month! I already talked about how much I liked my Book of the Month picks for November, but just to reiterate, I’m super excited to keep trying this subscription box! I hope it encourages me to try new genres and more adult books.

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  1. I am glad to hear you are responding well to your new treatment and that you seem excited about your job! Despite the car trouble, I think there were a couple rays of sunshine for you this past month and that’s so great to hear!

  2. Hi Mel! That’s awesome that you’re doing better!! I’m glad 😀 And I just saw Frozen 2 and I loved it a lot. The music is fantastic! My favorite song is Show Yourself, it is just so beautifully done. Can’t wait to hear what you think of it! Here’s to a great December and happy holidays!!

  3. Congrats on the 500 followers!!! 🎉🎉🎉 I’m so glad life has been better for you, despite the car problems. Mental health is so important, and it’s good to know your new treatment is working! Here’s to a fantastic December and an even better 2020!

  4. I’m happy to hear that your treatment is working and that you’re enjoying work so far! 🥰 Though I hope everything works out for your car, it’s scary how easily someone can steal such a vital part 😱 Also congratulations on reaching 500 followers, that’s amazing!! 💕

    1. I know, I’m really worried someone will try to steal it again because apparently my type of car is a major target, ugh. anyway. thank you <3 <3

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