october goals

No intro, just September goals recap and October goals.


september goals

  • Read for fun without pressure.       XX      I did not do this because I still felt pressured to read? I have a problem.
  • No Diet Coke.                  XX            I did this for about half the month, then started drinking one diet coke most days again.
  • Get more steps.            !!           I guess I did do this because I got more steps than I had been getting. I didn’t get 10,000 most days but I did for a few and got active minutes on a lot of days.


october goals

  • Continue doing witchy things. Doing witchy things is one of the few things giving me joy right now so I definitely want to continue doing them. Also, related to this: CELEBRATE SAMHAIN!!
  • Actively try to make myself feel better. Things such as watching cute movies, drinking tea, eating healthy, doing witchy things, getting steps, etc. Also continue looking into getting more serious treatment for my depression.
  • Find some super easy recipes to cook. And go out less. Cooking has become super hard because of my mental health struggles and I go out a lot but it’s stressing me out because obviously I can’t afford to go out for most meals like I’ve been doing. So I need to find some super easy recipes that won’t feel taxing and are appealing to me.


That’s it. Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck with your goals! 🥰 I hope you’ll be able to do more witchy things for yourself and find some easy recipes to cook! I’m not the most enthusiastic cook as well, so I usually have loads of pasta 😅

  2. Good luck with your goals ^_^, there should be loads of easy recipes around, but even I want to actively look for some too that fits in with my feeding habits (there’s certain things I can’t eat, and most things I don’t like lol)

    1. thank you 🙂 I’m sure there are lots of easy recipes around; I’m planning to scour pinterest for some one-pot stuff.

  3. I feel you about cooking! Last summer, when my depression was at my worst cooking for myself was such a huge struggle!
    Have you tried couscous? It’s so fast to make — just put it in a mug or a bowl, add salt and whatever spices you like and pour twice as much hot water and then cover it for 5 min. In that time I fried some frozen veggies and sausage and voilà! Max 10 minutes prep time meal and it’s not some junk food! It got me through so many low energy days 🙂

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